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As customers move through various channels, Retreaver travels with them, packaging the information, ensuring you understand their intention and history before you even answer the call.

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What is Retreaver?

Retreaver is a complete solution for managing call experiences at a global scale. We enable companies to relay call context, digital profiles, behaviour and other user information onto phone calls, creating a comprehensive user profile. Retreaver empowers organizations to create customized telephone experiences for their large customer bases, enabling instant segmentation, priority routing, syncing the latest information, and more.

Retreaver also interfaces with many advertising platforms to help marketers track affiliate and advertising activity, attribute each call conversion to the ad or keyword that led to the call.

Retreaver works with all the current tools in use - we plug into phone and digital systems seamlessly for comprehensive attribution and information relay, digital to telephone and back.

We are here to help. Call us today at 1 (866) 698-0894 to speak with a member of our implementation team and get started with a Retreaver trial today or check out a recorded demo at:

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