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As customers move through various channels, Retreaver travels with them, packaging the information, ensuring you understand their intention and history before you even answer the call.

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Retreaver Features

Phone Number Management

Local Phone Numbers

Generate phone numbers native to a target location

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Toll-Free Numbers

Create toll free numbers for tracking purposes

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Port Existing Numbers

Transfer existing numbers into the call tracking system

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Visitor & Keyword Tracking

Record which campaigns and landing pages are converting into phone calls

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Dynamic Number Insertion

Assign a unique tracking number to each visitor

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Multi-Channel Call Attribution

Decipher which marketing channels are converting and most effective

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Call Data

Provide the representative with caller data upon receiving a phone call

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Call Recording

Offer the ability to capture and replay a conversation for further information

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Advanced Reporting

Prepare detailed reports regarding call data by source, keyword, or landing page

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Call Routing


Direct a phone call without the need for a human representative, but instead a voice responder

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Call Scheduling

Route calls based on the time of the day to reach the proper representative

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Route calls based on location to reach the proper representative

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