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Payroll • Benefits • HR • IT — Rippling is the first end-to-end Employee Management Platform

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What is Rippling?

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Demo of employee onboarding through Rippling.

Rippling Details Provided by: Jonathan G.

Rippling Details Provided by: Jonathan Griffiths

Head of Marketing Operations for Rippling.
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About Rippling

Rippling makes it easy to manage your employee's payroll, benefits, HR and even IT — from their computers to their software — all in one, online platform.

Hiring someone, for example? Through Rippling, you can: invite your new hire to e-sign their agreements, add them to payroll and benefits, order and configure their computer, and create their user account in over 300 apps — like Gmail, MS Office, Slack, Salesforce, and Dropbox. All in just a few clicks.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Rippling is the first HR + IT platform. Unlike other HR platforms, Rippling:

- Goes beyond just HR. Simplifies your IT and Operations too.
- Consolidates 10+ systems into one, online platform.
- Automates >95% of your employee administration work.
- Completely eliminates manual data entry and errors.
- Unbelievably easy to set up (30-90 minutes).
- More cost effective then nearly every other solution.

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