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The workplace of the future is about the employee experience. That’s why, in addition to software that manages your payroll, scheduling, time off, and benefits, Rise integrates with a range of tools to help you build a world class culture, all connected through one central hub. - See more at: http://rise.xyz/#sthash.wfauSJY0.dpuf

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What is Rise?

Rise unifies HR, benefits and payroll into a simplified, personalized, all-in-one People Platform.

We’ve learned a lot by working with the leaders of more than 1,000 forward-thinking companies. It’s clear that the way we work is changing at an incredible pace, as more and more fast-growing companies embrace technology as a tool to empower people, leverage data, and replace outdated processes. Cue Rise. We’re changing the way companies perform HR functions and making it easy to build an incredible company culture.

Rise Details Provided by: Elizabeth Rosalyn T.

Rise Details Provided by: Elizabeth Rosalyn The

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