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SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform helping teams set and execute on a cadence of communications to convert more target accounts into customer accounts. With real-time email tracking, an integrated sales dialer and social communications, sales leaders can be confident their reps are executing on the most effective selling process for their organization.

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SalesLoft Features

Integrated Workflows

Task Management

Automates in-system tasks and provides reminders and details for manual tasks for sales team members to complete.

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Email Tracking/Automation

Integrates tightly with email inbox and allows the scheduling and tracking of email outreach and correspondence.

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Calls and Voice

Provides sales dialer functionality or integrates tightly with dialer software, with useful automation and high-quality calls.

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Other Outreach Options

Provides relevant automation in sales channels outside of email and calls, like social media posts, SMS text messages and more.

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CRM Integration

Provides two-way integration with sales CRM: (1) Tracking sales team actions and prospect responses and (2) Pulling CRM data to populate and personalize sales outreach.

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Knowledge Base

Organizes knowledge from fellow sales representatives and other experienced employees for reference.

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Coaching Materials

Offers content and training for new hires within the tool.

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Playbook Creation

Allows for the creation of a customized playbook that new hires can use for reference in understanding company-specific sales processes.

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Video Record

Records users' practice or live pitches for future reference and improvement.

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Record Calls

Records calls for future reference.

(Based on 100 reviews)

Generate Location

Generates an area code local to where the user is calling to increase likelihood of pick-up.

(Based on 99 reviews)

Call Types

Allows users to perform calls from their preferred device, whether laptop, desktop, mobile or otherwise.

(Based on 104 reviews)


Gathers contacts from integrated tools, allowing users to call with one click.

(Based on 119 reviews)


Open Rates

Records the rate at which emails are opened.

(Based on 166 reviews)

Link Activity

Records the rate at which links in emails are followed.

(Based on 157 reviews)

Attachment Activity

Records the rate at which email attachments are opened or downloaded.

(Based on 109 reviews)

Repeatability and Reportability

Content Management

Retains and incorporates company-approved messaging and presentations into emails, calls, meetings, etc.

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Workflow Management

Orchestrates automated sales tasks and outreach across a number of channels (email, calls, social media, etc.) and/or integrated systems.

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Workflow Performance

Reports on the effectiveness of an entire outreach workflow as well as the effectiveness of specific marketing materials, messaging, outreach tactics, and team members.

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Sales Coaching and Insights

Surfaces relevant insights about how a team member can perform better, either with improved sales techniques or prospect-specific hints.

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Lets managers review recorded video pitches to discuss areas of skill and areas that require improvement.

(Based on 5 reviews)


Provides a scorecard to display team and/or individual performance.

Not enough data available

Coaching Card

Allows managers to utilize and snapshot scorecards to coach new hires and assign action items.

Not enough data available


Projects team sales performance publicly to reward and motivate employees.

Not enough data available

Real-Time Updates

Updates sales data in real-time so as to help teams remain close to their goals.

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Notifies users of company-specified "danger zones" to correct behaviors and re-align sales processes in the right direction.

Not enough data available


Motivates employees by creating time-sensitive competititons that drive performance.

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Retains a log of extraneous contact information such as timezone and contact engagement.

(Based on 118 reviews)

Information Locater

Finds and opens saved contact information for reference at the time of a new call.

(Based on 106 reviews)

Record Prospect Data

Allows users to denote which contacts they believe are prospective customers.

(Based on 116 reviews)


Email Platform Integration

Syncs information from other software such as contacts, emails and calls to reduce manual data entry.

(Based on 155 reviews)

Email Scheduling

Allows administrators to schedule out emails in advance.

(Based on 152 reviews)


Reminds administrators to follow-up on emails based on pre-set reminders.

(Based on 156 reviews)

Email Categorization

Allows for the categorization of emails.

(Based on 129 reviews)


Allows for the creation of templates for frequently-sent emails.

(Based on 155 reviews)



Allows users to take notes during or after the call for future reference.

(Based on 122 reviews)

Daily Summary

Delivers users a daily summary of activity.

(Based on 107 reviews)

Automated Voicemails

Sends automated voicemails to prospective clients who fail to answer.

(Based on 85 reviews)

Automated Emails

Sends automated emails to increase engagement with prospective clients.

(Based on 106 reviews)

Sorts Prospects

Organizes contacts based on probability of success.

(Based on 94 reviews)