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Sales motivation software which combines gamification with data visualization to drive performance on what matters most. Real-time competitions, leaderboards, event celebrations and much more to keep your sales reps engaged, motivated and surpassing goals.

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What is SalesScreen?

Our mission is to help build great sales organizations all around the world by making sales fun, engaging, exciting and rewarding.

SalesScreen is a sales motivation software that helps organizations around the world to track progress on KPIs, reward completion of key activities and surpass their sales goals. Customers experience stronger sales culture, lower turnover, better awareness on goals and increased activity on the metrics that drive revenue growth and success.  

We believe that great culture is the key to driving great performance and that recognition and celebrations build great culture. So, we have created an entire sales management toolbox that allows you to recognize achievements, run sales contests, measure performance, track improvements and focus on what matters most.

SalesScreen combines data visualization and reporting features with gamification in order to increase activity and performance on the metrics that matter most to revenue growth and success, in a fun and engaging way.

It’s similar to the sales bell and whiteboard, but adapted for the 21st century, allowing you to celebrate in real-time, across offices and integrate with your favorite software systems to make data entry more fun.

As a cloud-based system, SalesScreen connects all of your offices and makes feedback and celebrations instant.

Key features:
- Social chat feature to build collaboration with colleagues.
- Data visualization that is fully customizable, beautifully designed and easy to understand.
- Tons of TV slides to display and showcase your most important information and updates.
- Real-time sales competitions: team, individual, or head-to-head mode. With varying goals, prizes and ways of winning. Not all just traditional linear, “winner takes all” competitions.
- Hundreds of fully customizable rank levels and badges to unlock for completing qualifying activities that you determine.
- Milestone event celebrations recognize reps for crushing goals.
- Supported on web, mobile app and TV.
- Live chat feature via Intercom to quickly solve problems anytime you need support.

SalesScreen Details Provided by: David S.

SalesScreen Details Provided by: David Smith

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