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SECDO’s next generation incident response platform enables security operations teams to automatically validate, investigate and respond to every single alert from any SIEM or security system in minutes, using detailed endpoint activity history and causality analysis.

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About Secdo

Secdo is the only automated incident response platform, enabling security and IR teams to investigate and respond to incidents faster than ever. With a combination of zero-gap endpoint visibility, automated alert investigation, proactive threat hunting and surgical response and remediation, Secdo gives security professionals an all-in-one tool to slash incident response time to minutes and increase their effectiveness by an order of magnitude.

Secdo’s agents records all endpoint and server activity and send it to a centralized server (either on-premise or in the cloud). Using its unique Causality Analysis Engine, Secdo ingests any alert from any source and automatically correlates the alerts with the endpoint data to provide the full context of the alerts, including the attack chain, root cause and damage assessment. Finally, Secdo provides a set of response and remediation tools allowing incident responders to remotely and surgically contain endpoints and run remediation actions across multiple endpoints.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Secdo’s unique capabilities compared to any other solution:

- Unmatched Endpoint Visibility: Secdo continuously records and stores for years all endpoint activity at the thread-level, providing security, IT and IR teams with zero-gap endpoint visibility.

- Automatic Alert Investigation: Secdo automatically ingests alerts from any SIEM or security systems, automatically correlates them with endpoint data to provides analysts with the full context of the alert attack chain back to the root cause, damage assessment, behaviors, effected hosts, etc.

- Surgical and Scalable Response: Secdo provides the widest set of response and remediation tools, including freezing processes in memory, isolating hosts and allows analysts and IT personnel to run commands and code interactively on multiple hosts.

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