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Selfcad software


Selfcad is an online 3D modeling application that offers an easy to use platform designed to allow users to sculpt and slice models.

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What is Selfcad software?

SelfCAD is an all-in-one program and includes modeling, sculpting, and 3D printing online. One does not need to launch several programs to be able to design, rather everything is done under one program. It has answered the need for a user-friendly 3D Printing software.

It’s browser-based, so all you need to access it is an Internet connection. Work can be saved in the cloud, although there’s also an offline mode so that you can continue working if you lose your Internet connection hence no more issues with portal devices.

SelfCAD 3D software provides users with almost limitless drawing capabilities, high precision, identification of structural inadequacy, compelling imagery, and time-saving experience. Moreover, the uniqueness of our platform is explained by the user-friendly interface along with multiple functions which allow you to create advanced models.
SelfCAD has partnered wit Myminifactory, hence you can now be able to download models and work on them easily and later print them.

If you are eager to get a strong foundation in the field of modeling, you won’t find more comprehensible platform than SelfCAD. Our online 3D modeling software is designed to make the entire process, all functions and interface as simple as possible.

SelfCAD offers 30 Day trial period and later a subscription fee of only $4.99/m after the trial period is over and you will be able to create and print unlimited models. However, if you are a student, teacher or non-profit making organization we have a good deal for you. SelfCAD is free for you!

You can learn more about this software here: www.selfcad.com
or visit the site: https://www.youtube.com/selfcad.

Selfcad software Details Provided by: Sammy E.

Selfcad software Details Provided by: Sammy Ekaran

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