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Sentry gives you insight into the errors that affect your customers.

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What is Sentry?

Open-source error tracking to monitor and fix bugs and crashes anywhere in your stack in real time.

Sentry automates exception handling for every programming language and platform so you can observe and respond to issues up and down the stack: JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, Node, iOS, Android, Go, and more.

Developers use Sentry to see all the details they need to identify, reproduce, prioritize, and respond to errors, including stack traces, user context, release data, and preceding events.

Sentry is the world’s most widely used error tracking tool, helping more than 100,000 developers observe over 250 million events every day.

Sentry Details Provided by: Ryan G.

Sentry Details Provided by: Ryan Goldman

VP Marketing at Sentry

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