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Servicejoy is an online invoicing, billing, accounting and project management tool for small businesses owners.

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What is Servicejoy?

Servicejoy was created with the sole purpose of providing a new perspective when it comes to online invoicing, one that helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers focus more on their work and creativity instead of wasting their time on accounting-related tasks.

Simplicity is the key

Instead of making people go through complicated interfaces and tons of records, we want to keep things simple. It’s important to have quick access to the files you need, you don’t have to search them for hours and hours. One of our main focuses is to find real-life problems that people encounter while using online invoicing software and integrating their solution into our product.

We know that handling finances is very important for any business and we want to assure you that Servicejoy’s main focus is keeping that information secure and away from malicious hands. All information traveling between your browser and Servicejoy is protected from eavesdroppers with up to 256-bit SSL encryption.

Helping is our passion

The Servicejoy was created to make the lives of small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers that need to keep track of their invoices and accounting a lot brighter. Even the name our company comes from the two core values of our company: Service and Joy. We provide services that bring joy to our customers.

Why do we care?

We were in your shoes a few years ago and know exactly what a pain invoicing and accounting can be most of the time. We put our experience to good use and now we are proud to share our knowledge with you.

Do you have a free plan?

Yes, we have a free plan that allows you to invoice up to 5 active clients for free. But as you can delete and un-delete clients in your Servicejoy account, there’s potential for unlimited clients even with the free plan. If you have more clients, you can always use the 45 days trial that we placed on all accounts at your disposal. We allow you to cancel, downgrade and upgrade your subscription at any time.

Can I contact you?

For any inquiry, feedback or more information, call us 1-800-269-5940 or just send us a message directly from your Servicejoy account. If you are a social network user, you can also follow and interact with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram.

Servicejoy Details Provided by: Vahan A.

Servicejoy Details Provided by: Vahan Avagyan

I'd rather ☠️ than live a boring life. Co-founder of Servicejoy✌️NYC
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