ServiceNow Knowledge Management

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ServiceNow Knowledge Management captures knowledge from across the organization, and packages and makes it readily available for the shared use of employees.

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ServiceNow Knowledge Management Features

Knowledge Base
Q & A

Provides forums where employees of various levels can share expertise and processes.

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Link Sharing

Lets users direct one another to content via customized links, foregoing a lengthy search process.

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Incorporates a search bar to help navigate users to appropriate content.

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Updates document administrators after a specified interval of time so as to encourage verification that aged information remains relevant and accurate.

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Role-Based Permission

Allows users access to files based on role, or password protections.

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Public vs Private

Offers the choice to make a conversation private between specified contributors, or open for public discussion.

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Update Notifications

Sends updates to document or file participants when changes have been made.

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Trackable Analytics

Tracks activity within file types to help administrators understand what is being used the most.

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Allows for the importation of content and knowledge from previously implemented tools.

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File Viewing

Stores and readies various file types for viewing.

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Allows users to leave notes or comments on various file types for eventual reference.

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Social Features

Enables comments, liking and other social features within discussions or documents.

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Allows users to tag one another in file data or comments for easier search and referencing.

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Lets users upload documents, photos and various other file types from their personal devices for greater knowledge sharing.

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