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ServiceSkills.com is a Web-based Customer Service & Team Building, Training elearning

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ServiceSkills.com Details Provided by: David F.

ServiceSkills.com Details Provided by: David Friedman

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About ServiceSkills.com

ServiceSkills.com is online learning which empowers your staff to improve customer satisfaction, enhance teamwork, boost workplace respect and manage more effectively. This proven soft-skills training is delivered via our award-winning online portal or as LMS courses, for installation on your organization’s Learning Management System. Whether your goals include new employee orientation training, customer service skills development or strategies to help staff cooperate more effectively, ServiceSkills.com improves the way your team communicates with customers and coworkers. Topics include the full spectrum of customer service, client retention, team building, employee relations, email etiquette, conflict resolution, diversity, bullying, respectful workplace issues and management development topics. Our training features video lessons, quizzes, answer feedback, key point reminders and certificates of completion. A robust administrative management system empowers your managers to monitor performance, recognize gaps and track progress.

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America's premier provider of communication training skills. ServiceSkills.com℠ eLearning and Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Training offer proven SaaS, media and on-site training solutions which help organizations increase service levels and improve phone skills for real bottom line results.

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