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Shopify is a cloud-based commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Merchants can use the software to design, set up and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, social media, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops.

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Shopify Features

Promotions and Discounts

Contains features that allow administrators to set up promotions on site, provide time based discounts, and enter coupon codes.

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Recommendations / Personalization

Personalize the buyers experience by displaying the most relevant products to the consumer and increase conversions using past buyer behavior and merchant-driven rules. Tools may include such as cross-sell/up sell, promotions, recommendations, guided selling, etc

(Based on 1326 reviews)
Product Visualization

Ability to display and manage photos, 3D views, videos etc for each product

(Based on 1382 reviews)
Storefront Design Tools

Provides standard templates with an easy to use tool set to customize the templates to showcase the stores brand and optimize the users experience

(Based on 1363 reviews)

Provides tools to drive traffic to pages via organic search

(Based on 1138 reviews)
Product Reviews

Ability to display reviews and enable users to write reviews for each product. Integrations to review syndication software to include most recent reviews for products

(Based on 1137 reviews)
Abandoned Cart Tools

Provide tools to help convert abandoned carts into sales. Saves items in shopping cart if a users does not complete the purchase. Allows users to continue order process in a future session. Emails users to remind them they have items in their cart.

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Product Catalog
Intangible Products

Provides functionality specific to selling intangible products such as: Subscriptions, Trials, Perpetual Licencing, Downloads, Free Trials, etc.

(Based on 935 reviews)
Product Search and Filtering

Provides rich user experience to find products on site through site wide search, faceted navigation, product filtering and sorting

(Based on 1304 reviews)
Configured Products

Ability to all users select options to configure the product or select product options. For example, color, size, etc.

(Based on 1288 reviews)
Content Management

Ability to add/update products, product pricing, product information and other content included on eCommerce site.

(Based on 1315 reviews)
Order Process
Cross-Channel Fulfillment

Contains distributed order management functionality so that an order can be fulfilled from a warehouse, a store, a vendor drop ship or an in store pick up.

(Based on 963 reviews)
Inventory Management

Displays inventory levels of products in real time. Displays inventory by location if required.

(Based on 1200 reviews)
Returns / Refunds

Functionality to allow users to process returns/refunds either via self service or contacting customer service.

(Based on 1155 reviews)
Order Management

Contains tools that enable administrators to manage placed orders to ensure all customer orders are processed correctly and on time.

(Based on 1336 reviews)
Payment Processing

Supports required payment methods including credit card processing, purchase orders, paypal, etc. Contains appropriate fraud management functionality.

(Based on 1339 reviews)
Tax Display and Processing

Displays appropriate tax to user based on local laws. Contains functionality to process tax in back end systems. May integrate to 3rd Party tax solutions.

(Based on 1298 reviews)
Shipping Options

Functionality that allows users to select shipping options based on price and delivery time. May integrate to 3rd Party shipping/fulfillment companies.

(Based on 1312 reviews)
Checkout Process

Includes features that optimize user check out experience such as Shopping carts and Single Click Checkout, order summaries, receipts.

(Based on 1358 reviews)
Multi-Channel Support
B2B Features

Includes features that that are valuable to B2B transactions. For example partner management, contract pricing, invoicing, product entitlement, contract management etc.

(Based on 687 reviews)
3rd-Party Store Integration

Integrates/Syncs your product catalog to major on line retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, etc. to make it easy to administer selling products via 3rd party channels

(Based on 764 reviews)
Store Locator

Enable customers to locate and navigate to physical locations by zip code, city or GPS

(Based on 740 reviews)
Customer Service

Provides features that enable customer services teams to interact with customers. Features may include chat and and phone support.

(Based on 1154 reviews)

Features that enable customers to easily to shop for products using a mobile device.

(Based on 1238 reviews)
Unified Customer Experience

Provides seamless approach to the consumer experience through all available shopping channels (Mobile, Social, Web, Point of Sale, catalog). Some times referred to Omni-Channel.

(Based on 1151 reviews)
Social Commerce

Features that enable customers to easily shop for products on popular social platforms. May provide standard integrations or tools that build the social store on the platform.

(Based on 1097 reviews)
Test-to-Product Migration

Functionality that enables administrators to test changes to products, store design, work flows etc in a test environment and schedule the changes to be migrated to the production version of the site

(Based on 868 reviews)
Admin Access Rights

Provides ability to control editing rights by product category, geography etc.

(Based on 1175 reviews)
Multi-Site Management

Features that enable creation and maintenance of micro sites, sub-sites using the same instance of the software.

(Based on 785 reviews)

Software provides appropriate tools and certifications to protect against fraud and malicious attacks

(Based on 1213 reviews)
Reporting / Analytics

Provides standard and ad-hoc reporting ability to meet business requirements

(Based on 1226 reviews)
User Management

Enables customers to update their own user information, settings and preferences.

(Based on 1215 reviews)
Integrations to Add-on Tools

Is easy to integrate to or has pre-packaged integrations to a wide variety of leading add on tools/software.

(Based on 1127 reviews)

Product provides tools to customize web store front, business process, etc. to meet unique business needs.

(Based on 1214 reviews)

System provides well documented API's that can be used to integrate to any 3rd Party or internal system.

(Based on 835 reviews)
Performance and Reliability

Software performs well and runs with minimal unscheduled downtime

(Based on 1242 reviews)
Cross Browser Support

Enables store or site to provide the same user experience in all browsers and browser versions.

(Based on 1074 reviews)

Provides features that enable business transactions throughout the world. Typical features are multi-language, multi-currency and taxation

(Based on 824 reviews)