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Sigstr is a cloud-based application built for marketers to use employee email signatures as a new marketing channel. Setup is simple and instantly appends campaigns to the signatures of every employee in your company.

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For the first time, marketers can tap into employee emails to deliver 1:1 targeted content to specific accounts, industries and regions. Using Sigstr Campaigns, the new ABM functionality allows customers to assign an email signature campaign to individual recipients. When users email recipients associated with an ABM campaign, the Sigstr platform dynamically serves personalized content.

Sigstr Details Provided by: Justin K.

Sigstr Details Provided by: Justin Keller

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About Sigstr

Sigstr helps marketers turn employee email into a powerful marketing channel and relationship intelligence tool that drive your Account-Based Marketing, Demand Gen, Content and Event strategies. With Sigstr Signatures, every one of the millions of emails your employees send can include a hypertargeted call-to-action banner that dynamically changes based on who’s sending it, who’s receiving it, or based on list membership in your CRM or MAP. With Sigstr Pulse, artificial intelligence maps and quantifies every relationship that’s ever existed in your company. By leveraging CRM data, it allows you to build powerful lists and watch how human relationships develop with your most important contacts and accounts.

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How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Sigstr is the clear leader in the email signature marketing space. Sigstr is lead by a group of seasoned leaders in the marketing technology space and is venture backed by Hubspot Ventures, Hyde Park, and others. From security and stability, to the deepest API integrations with CRM and marketing automation platforms, Sigstr is the most sophisticated solution for marketers, period.

Sigstr works with nearly 400 companies; from early stage startups to massive enterprises spanning every industry and dozens of countries around the world. Our customer success team is able to deliver all of our customers unparalleled support to make sure that they are able to realize the massive untapped value that lies in their employee email systems.

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