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An event registration and eTicketing platform used all over the world. Works with any language and currency. Offered as a white label solution.

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SimpleTix Features

Event creation

Process of creating a new event.

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User registration process

User experience of registering for an event

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Payment processing

Ease of use in processing attendee payments.

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Mobile check-in

Check attendees into events and sessions using a mobile device.

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On-site tickets and registration

Register attendees and sell tickets on-site.

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Marketing and Communications
Event website creation

Design and manage a dedicated event website.

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Email automation

Automate email communications with attendees.

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Email customization

Customize email communications.

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Contact list management

Organize and manage contact list of attendees.

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Social media promotion

Advertise and promote event using social media integrations.

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Lead generation and retrieval

Tools for capture and follow-up of leads generated during an event.

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