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Bulk email or high volume transactional email delivery.

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Template Creation

Process for administrator to create personalized email templates from scratch or incorporate and leverage existing templates.

Preset Template Availability

Quantity and quality of preset email templates for administrators to construct their own emails.

Custom Unsubscribe

Able to customize the unsubscribe templates, handler, and tracking.

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Email Segmentation

Able to segment transactional emails based on their purpose.

Detailed Server Logs

Detailed logs for tracking and debugging mail server activity.


Alerts administrator whenever a pre-set event occurs.


Integrates webhooks into emails to signal email status (i.e. sent, bounced, opened, etc.)

Event Tracking API

API used to track the status of emails.

Mail Send API

API used to send emails (e.g. Web API, SMTP API)

Spam Filter Testing

Testing to ensure emails do not go to recipient's spam folder.

Custom Tracking Domain

Ability to define a custom domain from which emails are sent.

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Multiple Domains

Able to send emails from multiple domains.

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Dedicated IP

Ability to use a dedicated IP for deliverability.

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Availability and quality of documentation for API, code library, implementation, and set up.

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Sender Reputation Management

Ability for the platform to manage individual domain reputations. That way, senders with good sending practices are not penalized based on the sending practices of others.

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Tracking & Reporting

Tracks emails sent and delivery rates and compiles them into standard reports.

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Enterprise Scalability

Provides features and infrastructure to allow scaling for large organizations.

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Performance and Reliability

Emails are consistently received and software performs reliably.

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