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Turn Twitter into a lead generation platform.

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What is Socedo?

Socedo helps you reach your target prospects when they are showing interest in your space, by leveraging intent data from the social web.

Social intent data includes all the things that people do on social networks that provide insights into what they care about and whether they are in a buying cycle. Socedo has the largest source of B2B intent data from Twitter. B2B marketers can use our solutions to identify in-market prospects based on real-time behaviors. With Socedo, you can:

-Find and connect with new prospects based on keywords found in Tweets, engagements with your competitors or any other entity on Twitter.

-Get social media insights on your existing contacts and target accounts in real-time & accelerate existing prospects through your funnel

-Sync enhanced lead data into Marketo. Gain valuable demographic and behavioral information about your new leads, including company info, job title, email addresses, and phone numbers, social profiles and social actions.

In addition, we can also match existing leads in your marketing automation database to their social media profiles, monitor leads' social media activities and help you identify sales opportunities and re-connect with dormant leads based on their recent actions on Twitter.

Socedo works with many brands that use Marketo as their marketing automation platform, including Microsoft, F5, Extreme Networks, GoAnimate, and Heinz Marketing.

Try Socedo for free at www.socedo.com

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Socedo Details Provided by: Adam Hutchinson

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