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Socialbakers – pro analytics, exclusive benchmarks, ads & content tools, and free data-driven stats for all smarter social marketers

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Socialbakers Pricing

Detailed information on our pricing and solutions can be reached at www.socialbakers.com ...more on the pricing model

Socialbakers pricing & plans
Professional from $200 per Month Easily manage and analyze your social media accounts
  • 10-20 Social Media Profiles
  • 5 User Seats
  • 6 Months Initial Data
  • Cross-Platform Publishing
  • Reporting & Exporting
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Dashboards
Business Try for Free Price on Request Improve your paid social media performance
  • Everything in Professional plus..
  • 20+ Social Media Profiles
  • 20 User Seats
  • 12 Months Initial Data
  • Promoted Post Detection
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • 2 Ads or Video Benchmarks
  • Influencer Discovery (Add-on)
  • Audiences (Add-on)
Enterprise Request a Demo Price on Request Maximize your return from social media investment
  • Everything in Business plus...
  • 20+ Social Media Profiles
  • 20+ User Seats
  • Full Historical Data
  • Content Discovery
  • 4 Ads or Video Benchmarks
  • Prime Time Publishing Recommendations
  • Post Performance Prediction
  • Live Video Analytics
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