<span>Kellie F.</span>
    Kellie F.

    Excellent service and support

    "Spark Hire has changed our interview dynamic. With the addition of the one way interview, we are able to process candidates more efficiently and test their skills, too. This allows us to set our questions and get answered what we really need in order to determine a hire. We like the functionality of using our own questions but appreciate the ones offered by Spark Hire. Also, the support has..."

    <span>Adam M.</span>
    Adam M.

    Sparkhire is a Game Changer for our HR dept!

    "The best aspects of this service are the capacity to Screen/pre-screen applicants on my schedule rather than traditional work hours. It's also so simple to use that the time investment on the front end makes it super easy to implement and maintain. Sayonara phone screenings! "

    <span>Robert E.</span>
    Robert E.

    Spark Hire Allows My Business To Thrive. Spark Hire Is Where Technology Breeds Efficiency

    "This is my second year using Spark Hire. I have been waiting for a service like theirs for years; and in 2016 I finally found it. I am on my third year with Spark Hire and will not be turning back. Without compromising the product, they are professional, customer friendly, and extremely inexpensive compared to competitors in this space."

    <span>Debbie L.</span>
    Debbie L.
    Creative Business Development/Sales & Marketing Leader-Staffing Recruitment Expert-With Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Best Tool ever in 2017

    "It's super easy to use! It is worth the money, it's easy to use, has several applications and hiring managers love being able to basically conduct their interview in our office by giving us the questions to ask and they can watch the video interview at their leisure. "

    <span>Scott Sillari V.</span>
    Scott Sillari V.
    VP of Business Development at Vyral Marketing

    Spark Hire saves us valuable time during the hiring process

    "I love that I can review 15 candidates in 30 minutes and get a feel for who they are and whether or not they would be a good fit for our culture and if they can communicate well."

    <span>Kaitlyn U.</span>
    Kaitlyn U.
    Human Resources Generalist

    Spark Hire's easy to use platform and excellent customer service.

    "No implementation! Within a week or so of learning about Spark Hire, we were using the platform. The system is intuitive and easy to use and the customer service representatives are available any time for our questions. You have the same customer service rep throughout, so they get to know your institution and needs. When you begin using the platform, you get steps for success emails with easy..."