Spinify gamifies business activities for all target based employees.

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What is Spinify?

Spinify leaderboards focus organizations on employee performance and progress against their business targets. Leaderboards provide immediate performance feedback to individuals and teams to increase productivity as they do more to reach the target and win the prize.
Spinify applies a unique combination of motivational psychology and gamification principles to display meaningful and engaging leaderboards through a browser, mobile device or an office TV. High resolution visualization techniques mean the leaderboard can be viewed on a TV and understood from the back of the room.
Sophisticated data analytics and real time updates engage the entire company in a healthily competitive environment that delivers uplift in performance and productivity. They also deliver the relevant opportunities to celebrate individuals and teams along the way, reinforcing recognition as a key component of company culture. Notifications ensure everyone is up to date with leaderboard changes, progress and company updates.

Easy to set up in minutes, managers can create competitions and leaderboards on any metric. Spinify pulls data from a variety of popular data apps including Google Sheets, Slack, Zendesk, MyDesktop, Agentbox, Rex and Salesforce.
Spinify changes work behaviors in target based staff by focusing them on the activities that you want increased to drive better business results. Get your Free Trial on the Spinify website

Spinify Details Provided by: Jason J.

Spinify Details Provided by: Jason Jeffries

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