Alex F.

    The best social media management tool

    "I love how in-depth the repprting and listening tools are. The asset management tool is awesome as well! Filters are your friend. Knock out the noise and irrelevant posts, or narrow it down to a specific product you're posting about. If your client wants information on how posts about a certain product perform, that information is right at your fingertips! Also, their customer support is..."


    Easy to use and very helpful

    "The program is easy to use. The layout allows you to get a snapshot of everything you need to see on the front page. It is great to be able to monitor multiple social media pages in one program. It is also helpful to have people separated by social media influence. This helps me predict how significant a situation may be. Being able to have multiple people use the program is also..."

    Kelly M.
    Dell - Global Consumer Recycling Programs Manager

    Sprinklr makes it easy

    "Their user interface is easy to navigate. It is a one stop shop for planning posts across all of your channels, listening and tracking metrics. The instant feedback helps you to adjust and better target your audience. "

    Great product, with great people behind it

    "Ease of use. I am the Sprinklr system admin for my company and everything I have learned, which is basically everything Sprinklr offers since we have practically every module besides Case Management, is SELF TAUGHT! That's how easy the tool is. Besides ease, it is best in class and the most up-to-date platform with the best customer support helping you every step of the way, from strategy to..."

    Peter Y.
    Manager | 360/VR News Storytelling Standards Project

    ...It rains great insight everyday!

    "I think that because of its end-to-end flow... I can execute many more activities in a given time period than with other products I have used in the past. And being an analytics person... it produces very usable piles of data that I then can crunch into meaningful information!"


    Infinite scaling

    "The scalability, expandability and the possibilities to adjust Sprinklr modules to completely fit your teams and/or companies needs, seems infinite and very impressive."


    Best Social Suite Available

    "Sprinklr is so customizable which enables you to shape the tool to meet your needs as well as the needs for your company. The biggest components I use are the reporting and engagement tools. I can access so many data points and illustrate the way I need to for a particular report. The engagement tool is wonderful because you can set up custom form fields to better understand who your audience..."

    Ashish S.

    Impressive but more to do

    "The ability to publish posts in one environment, being able to engage with messages, having a calendar view, building reports, setting approval queues and having a rule engine to insert automation. All great features to be efficient. "

    Sachiko N.
    Digital Content Manager at Samsung Electronics

    Progress through the partnership

    "The collaboration between Samsung, Sprinklr and our partners empower us to deliver better support to our customers on social media. We have customised the platform to meet our business needs. "

    Karl H.

    Powerful if somewhat intimidating interface. Take the tutorials.

    "Sprinklr integrates multiple social media channels as both an aggregating, publishing, coordinating, planning and analytics tool. Our team uses it for most publishing, internal reviews and editing, coordination and team crafting of social media postings. Customer service is high quality, prompt response and good problem-solving is just an email away."

    Kirsty G.
    Social Media & Community Manager - Samsung UK & Ireland

    Sprinklr Space

    "The new interface of Sprinklr space allows for a comfortable navigation across dashboards. They have also introduced in system tabs which allows multiple tabs to be open in one web tab. "

    Luke F.

    Positive and efficient

    "The best part of Sprinklr is the layout of the UI. Very organised and easy to navigate. The automatic refresh and notifications make Sprinklr easy to keep track of while in the background. "


    Robust and feature rich but complicated

    "Sprinklr gives us the ability to scale our social program for the future. There isn't any question about whether or not the software can meet our needs now and in the future."


    THE Solution for Streamlining Social Efforts

    "Sprinklr Core has allowed our team to streamline activity across global channels and agencies with asset management, global tagging structures, and consistent reporting. Being able to report out on KPIs globally has proven to be a true value to the business. "

    Jo H.

    My Sprinklr Experience - Fantastic!

    "I enjoy the simple design and interface of Sprinklr, and that you can view messages as if using a messaging service so it flows like a conversation. "

    Victoria R.
    Social Media Campaign Manager at University of Phoenix

    My experience with Sprinklr

    "How it combines all social media sites. Rather than having to search through each social media platform, potentially missing key comments by users, Sprinklr brings all of those comments into one, easy to use platform. Additionally, Sprinklr allows you to use tagging, which makes for easy analytical reviews with specific campaigns being currently run as well as comparison to previous campaigns. "

    Molly D.

    Sprinklr is a powerful platform that is made for large teams

    "Having a digital approvals process for social posts (would like a digital approvals process for all digital assets such as website images, vendor images, etc). The Planner is useful for scheduling if you want to drag a drop posts to another day and to give you a snapshot of your month. The platform is really robust for a large or international digital team, but may be too much power for any..."

    Dilys O.

    Consolidation of all social tools in one space

    "My favorite thing about Sprinklr is having all my essential social tools in one location. I love having a master view of our all our published outbound content, inbound messages in the same space as listening. It makes my job much easier."

    Dean Z.
    Sr. Manager of Reporting & Analytics

    Great Platform

    "I like the ability to create rules and auto route issues to agents. It's much more efficient than trying to go in and find the next message to respond to directly and brings a whole new level of innovation and efficiency to the table. I love the fact the SprinklR takes their customer feedback seriously. I have made recommendations (and probably similar to other companies recommendations)..."