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What is STAMP?

STAMP, The Customer Success Platform, That Helps You Systematically...

1. See how well you are delivering against their needs
2. Identify the key actions to improve your NPS
3. Alert you when you are under performing
4. Track trends and progress over time
5. Benchmark yourself against your peers and competitors

STAMP creates a dashboard on every client account visualizing how well you are delivering on the needs of each client; STAMP also provides an account manager dashboard, enabling you to see how well each Account Manager is performing across their book of business. The data displayed within these dashboards are the results of you assessments you have sent to your clients.

Did you know that less than 5% of companies systematically obtain feedback from their B2B customers?

Use STAMP to help pitch a new account by showing your prospective clients how well their current supplier is performing, illuminating opportunities for you to do a better job than the current incumbent.
Demonstrate to clients your commitment to meeting their unique needs by sharing their scorecards and developing customized action plans to continually improve your relationships.

Client retention is key in obtaining and growing your business!

STAMP Details Provided by: Jordan B.

STAMP Details Provided by: Jordan Barta

Customer Success Manager | CX | Coaching customers on how to maximize their partnerships! | STAMP
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