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StarChapter is a web-based AMS that allows you to manage board productivity, association attendance, membership and revenue.

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Board volunteers of local association chapters save time and money with StarChapter! The software combines emails, event registration, membership, website design, and payment processing all in one place. A StarChapter Support Advisor will set up your service with you, coordinate the project for you, and train users even when the board transitions. Customers get access to 24/7 online technical support and unlimited industry and training resources.

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StarChapter makes it easy to grow your membership, attendance, & revenues. The board will become more productive than ever. You will also have the added benefit of our experienced US-based StarChapter Support Advisors who will not only help you with your StarChapter system but, also with best practices on how to streamline your chapter's activity and grow your membership, attendance, & revenues.

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