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Status Hero is a tool for project teams to track daily goals and status updates using existing communication channels, like email, Slack, and HipChat.

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What is Status Hero?

Status Hero is a lightweight tool for tracking daily goals, activity logs from your tools, and status updates from your team, all in one place. Sync up your team, kill meetings, inform stakeholders, and quickly cut through all of the management noise.

Here's how it works:
1) Status Hero prompts your teammates via email, SMS, or chatbot to provide a brief check-in of what they're up to.
2) Activity from tools like GitHub, Jira, and others is automatically added to the check-ins.
3) Status Hero compiles and broadcasts check-ins, goals, and activity to you and the team.

Key Benefits:

Cut Through the Project Management Noise
Find out with a sentence or two from each team member whether everyone is working effectively towards specific goals. Correlate goals with real-time activity piped in from your team's tools.

Eliminate Status & Stand-up Meetings
"Can you hear me?" "Nope!" Something always seems to go wrong with all-hands multi-point meetings. Status Hero delivers all of the value of a status meeting without the wasted time, scheduling, or tech hassle.

Connect Remote, Virtual, or Distributed Teams
Status Hero collects and documents off-hour status updates that would otherwise get lost in emails, work tickets, or chat logs.

Built-in Goals & Accountability
Studies show that publicly sharing goals increases motivation and accomplishment. Take advantage of this positive feedback loop with Status Hero.

Better Software Estimates
When team members get into the rhythm of setting daily goals, they'll get better at setting expectations for their work. Then you'll get better at devising realistic software delivery estimates.

Promote Transparency & Trust
Trust is built when everyone understands how each team member contributes. More trust means quicker decisions, smoother collaboration, and ultimately a happier and more productive team.

Status Hero Details Provided by: Michael K.

Status Hero Details Provided by: Michael Karampalas

Director of Product at Buildium

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