<span>Gail S.</span>
    Gail S.
    Owner, BookSmith Financial Solutions

    SyncApps works well means we serve our clients better!

    "The sync works like they say it does which is really refreshing these days. Because it works, it saves time for myself, my staff and helps us be more efficient in serving our clients better."

    <span>Michael S.</span>
    Michael S.
    Executive VP ♦ Technologist with a focus on People ♦ Social Networking ♦ Driven

    SyncApps provides peace of mind confidence that syncs work!

    "SyncApp is like the Ron Popeil of ovens, just set it and forget it!"

    <span>Paul F.</span>
    Paul F.
    Marketing Manager at MB Kit Systems Inc.

    It is a great automated program

    "No more does my company have to worry about transferring leads from salesforce to our email software."

    <span>Matthew B.</span>
    Matthew B.
    Director of Information Technology at the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission

    Sync Connector for Salesforce

    "Ease of navigation and setup of sync profiles that make it more efficient when syncing data across Constant Contact and Salesforce."

    <span>Gina H.</span>
    Gina H.
    Director of Operations at Libertas Wealth Management Group, Inc.

    SyncApps works great!

    "Syncapps is easy to use and configure! I was able to set this up in less than 1 day."

    <span>Zed A.</span>
    Zed A.
    Founder/CEO at ConcurHQ.com

    Solves a major gap in the market. Brilliant support!

    "We use this to Sync our mail chimp account withe Microsoft dynamics CRM. Before that, the CRM provider quoted us a hefty price, which made me look elsewhere and in the process we discovered this nifty solution, which worked like a charm. The software is brilliant, very stable, the support is excellent and they go out of their way to support the clients."

    <span>Emily F.</span>
    Emily F.
    Marketing. Digital Content Creator. Solutions Strategist. Communicator.

    SyncApps Makes Your Job Easier

    "I like that it automatically syncs my CRM and email marketing contacts daily. Once you set it up you're all done. "

    <span>Jillian K.</span>
    Jillian K.
    Communications Specialist at RIEGL USA

    SyncApps: The Good, The Bad, and the Annoying

    "I like that this has allowed us to have an easier time integrating our CRM solution to our email marketing software and has simplified our workflow for us."

    <span>Joana Iva C.</span>
    Joana Iva C.
    Project Specialist at Avida Land

    Constant Contact for Salesforce

    "I like the method to sync my Salesforce contacts and leads easily to Constant Contact individual Lists. Constant Contact lists are very difficult to sync to Salesforce using manual importing methods. Using Syncapps let myself easily connect the systems to each other and using scheduling I can not have to log back into SyncApps since the integration runs by itself. "

    <span>Dan S.</span>
    Dan S.
    Head of Digital Department | Australia & New Zealand at United Cellars

    Solid supported API for popular Apps

    "One of the few products to integrate well with NetSuite ERP"

    <span>Kate H.</span>
    Kate H.
    Physical Therapist & Owner of Meta Physical Therapy & Pilates, LLC in Grants Pass, OR

    Sync MindBody with Quickbooks Online

    "Once programmed, this is a seamless and very effective way for my client, accounting and sales information to drop into my bookkeeping software (QBO). I don't have to do anything other than add and schedule my clients in MindBody, complete my sales for the day in MindBody, and then login to QBO to manage my deposits. Everything comes over as a Sales Receipt to Uncategorized Income, and then..."

    <span>Jim P.</span>
    Jim P.
    US National Co-Director of Communications for the Transcendental Meditation Program

    Excellent product, does exactly what we need it to do, night after night.

    "Reliably connects our CRM with our bulk email marketing system for over 130 (and growing) user accounts, NetSuite and iContact."