Best decision we ever made..

    "Simplicity, support, customizability, overall user interface."

    Tim M.
    Manager of Information Systems at Magtrol, Inc.

    A rare team that listens and learns from its users

    "Been a Syspro user since 1999. I have watched it evolve from a lipstick Windows application to a real quality ERP stystem you can build a company on. No software is perfect, but to watch one listen and grow and blossom has been great."


    Excellent customizable ERP system

    "SYSPRO has great customizability and flexibility. It is relatively easy to learn and use in day to day operations. Since it is running on SQL database, you can roll with your own reporting tools if the built-in SYSPRO reports are no longer enough. The tables are very straight forward so querying data is very easy. Upgrading to the latest port (update package) is very easy. Just update the..."

    Curtis F.
    General Manager at Pan American Tool Corp.

    Versatile and easily customized

    "The standard reports are very useful. There is a lot of information that can be sorted and displayed many different ways to give you what you need. Custom reports are easily created and modified. User layouts are simple to configure. "

    Jessica D.
    IT Analyst at NRD, LLC

    Great ERP solution for manufacturing

    "The convenience of everything being in one program. While there are a multitude of programs available to attach to SYSPRO, we don't necessarily need them."

    Corinne A.
    Kensington Solutions

    Best software on the market for global manufacturing and distribution

    "Syspro is easy to use. The screens are well designed for the user to have maximum information at their fingertips. Navigating through Syspro is a breeze. This means that users can answer questions and solve problems quickly and easily. If a customer service rep has a customer on the phone he/she can easily navigate through every aspect of that customer's touchpoints with your company. If the..."