One reason TeamCity is dubbed an "Intelligent CI server" is its approach to integration. When we say we support a tool, we mean it in every way possible. For example, support for Visual Studio projects provides automatic detection of tool versions, testing frameworks support, code coverage, static code analysis, and more.

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What is TeamCity?

TeamCity will make sure your software gets built, tested, and deployed, and you get notified about that appropriately, in any way you choose. It’s a continuous integration and deployment server from JetBrains which takes moments to set up, shows your build results on-the-fly, and works out of the box. And best of all – it’s free by default.

TeamCity Details Provided by: Mikhail V.

TeamCity Details Provided by: Mikhail Vink

Global Marketing Programs Manager at JetBrains
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About TeamCity

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

- Easy initial setup and low maintenance costs, thanks to all main functionality being available out of the box.
- Time savings on regular and repetitive build engineering and developer tasks due to intelligent features and deep integration with and understanding of the development process.
- Adjusts to multiple development styles and frameworks so your teams can perform better.
- Low entry barrier thanks to informative and rich interfaces.
- Extendable architecture to accommodate to your organization’s special needs.
- Ready to scale as your organization grows, with advanced scalability features and appropriate licensing model.
- Professional support. The product is being continuously developed and regularly updated by a team of 20+ JetBrains developers. You receive professional enterprise level support from the development team via both public and private channels.

JetBrains builds productivity software for developers who want to focus more on what they want to accomplish, and less on mundane, repetitive tasks.
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