Sam S.
    Entrepreneur | Veteran | Philomath | Technology Evangelist | Change Agent | Managed Services

    A must have for any growth minded organization

    "PI is by far the most critical tool every organization should have. The depth of insights collected from a simple assessment is phenomenal. Any organization that employs people should be using this not just to hire and recruit but as a strategic tool for their business. "

    Lisa B.
    Vice President/Director of Talent Development at USAmeriBank

    PI is sooo addictive - How can I live with out it?

    "I love that I can look at a PI report and be able to quickly identify how they operate normally. I also leverage the tool to position people in workshops based on their PI report. I will sit an introspective person next to an extravert so that someone will talk in the group and someone will be thoughtful and listen. It works!!!! This tool is used for so many key areas. It has been used for..."

    Wendy W.
    Vice President Human Resources at Centers for Vein Restoration

    The Most Accurate Behavioral Assessment I have Used

    "I really like how simple the PI product is to administer to employees and candidates. The feedback you are able to glean from sucha quick assessment is really helpful. The website is easy to navigate. I love the new insights tools. "

    Chrissy F.
    VP of Human Resources at Claremont Savings Bank

    30 Year Partnership with PI

    "We've stayed with PI for so long because we believe in the results. We use it in recruiting, we use it for coaching, we use it to further communication. "