Tiliq is a modern, more affordable email service for your domains that is bringing email into the 21st century. Email has been stuck in the stone ages. Out of all of the web technologies in the world, email is the only one that has not had any updates for decades. With Tiliq, you get the lowest price in the industry, the latest and best technologies to make your email come to life, and the best support available anywhere in the market.

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"Stumbled onto Tiliq by accident, so glad I did."

What do you like best?

I stumbled onto this purely by accident. I was investigating apps written with the Electron javascript framework, and saw Tiliq listed. I am so freakin impressed with this, that I've decided to list everything I love, in hopes of more adoption.

1) Domain Configuration:

Tiliq has hands down the simplest Domain configurations I've ever experienced. I run the technology stack for multiple small businesses, and setting up the domain with Tiliq was a joy. Adding multiple emails from different domains was the simplest thing.

2) User Management:

User management is also extremely simple. Design is very basic (looks like default bootstrap)

3) Pricing:

Holy Crap, this is what got my attention in the first place. The pricing is an absolute dream. Some of the companies I work with want to stick with the host as the mail provider (eg. HostGator/Bluehost etc..) because it averages $5-10/month. These hosts are awful for e-mail, and constantly have down-time. Variable pricing per account gives me great economics to present switching to my partners. This is especially true since not all e-mail accounts are equal. We have a few accounts that exist for transactional purposes, or other ones used by "power users" who deal with a high volume of attachments. Changing space allocation per account and billing for what we use feels right. (Paying $5/mo for privacy@domain.com is just annoying).

4) Cross Platform Support:

The fact that their desktop is built on Electron means that it works on OSX, Linux, Windows. This is great because I work on Linux and OSX, and all employees work on Windows. Also, there is a mobile app for Android + iOS (i'm guessing it's built on phonegap). The web app is a little lacking, but the Desktop App is phenomenally simple and intuitive, and handles multiple accounts nicely. IMHO, it's better than Apple Mail. Mobile App not so much (more on that in the next section). Clear instructions on using all other clients as well (including Apple Mail, Exchange, iOS Mail, and others (like Gmail)).

Within an hour of discovering Tiliq, I switched my personal business mail hosting immediately. I am now investigating moving over 2 early stage startup with minimal mail volume. I am looking into the feasability of moving over 10 accounts from another startup that has some more mail volume. Ideally, I'd like to move over all 138 e-mail accounts from the largest startup I work with, but that will be quite a project.

What do you dislike?


I dislike the design of the Dashboard. All the icons feel way too spaced apart, and the it looks a little rough. The design of the web app also feels like it is in very early stages. (the desktop app feels much more solid and robust in comparison).

Mobile App:

The mobile app, while cleanly designed, feels a little sluggish. Each time I log in, the inbox looks empty, and I need to hold down to refresh, and then the e-mails appear. The default font appears small, and makes e-mails harder to read. I couldn't find a settings section to change this. There is, however, an easy solve. I'm planning on using gmail as a forwarder, so that I can use the gmail mobile app from my cellphone, and Tiliq's desktop browser from my laptop/desktop.

Support Documentation:

They need a bit more support documentation. Specifically, they need some documentation on importing mail, and moving over e-mail accounts from other platforms. I should note that they have some excellent documentation on domain configuration, e-mail client set-up,

Recommendations to others considering the product

You owe it to yourself to look into this. This discovery has made this uneventful friday night into a success.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

It's still early, as I've just discovered Tiliq. Problems I expect to solve are the following:

1. Increased Uptime: compared to Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost, Namecheap, etc...

2. Simpler User Management: I need to constantly reset passwords for users, delete accounts, create accounts. This is the biggest PITA with Bluehost.

3. Cost: For the smaller startups I work with, this will allow them to create all the proper e-mail addresses that a business typically needs, rather than trying to rely on one or two e-mail addresses (eg. support@domain.com, privacy@domain.com, info@domain.com, sales@domain.com, service@domain.com, ar@domain.com, compliance@domain.com, leads@domain.com, hello@domain.com, legal@domain.cometc...) and end up spending $5 per account, when they mostly go dormant.

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