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TopOPPS Details Provided by: Ric R.

TopOPPS Details Provided by: Ric Ratkowski

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About TopOPPS

TopOPPS is a sales pipeline management and forecast predictability solution that uses machine learning algorithms to automate the collection of CRM data, bring clarity to the sales pipeline, alignment to the sale process and accuracy to the forecast.

The TopOPPS Platform:
- Improves CRM data capture and provides automated updates and sentiment analysis based on machine-learning
- Provides amplified sales pipeline visibility that focuses sales teams on the opportunities with the highest likelihood to close and enforces sales process consistency.
- Improves forecast accuracy up to 180 days out by using AI driven insights based on data from past performance

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

TopOPPS goes beyond an AI driven sales forecast and infuses artificial intelligence across the entire sales process to mitigate key "time-wasters" found in the sales process. This allows our customers to be more efficient. We take a holistic approach to sales enablement and sales efficiency allowing our customers to focus on winning rather than the manual effort associated with the monthly and quarterly mad scramble to prepare a forecast.

We solve the sales forecast problem from the bottom up, starting with the automated CRM data capture to feed detail information about each pipeline opportunity. This additional information is stored down to the email content level , along with our algorithms supports the necessary management of a valid sales pipeline. The sales pipeline provides the basis for an accurate sales forecast. AI is imbedded every step of the way.

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