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TravFlex is the complete Travel Booking Solution with B2B (Business to Business) Concept. TravFlex is sophisticated Internet-based Reservation System for Hotel booking, Transfer, Sightseeing and Tour packages that can serve any size of Tour Operator in single or multiple locations.

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INFOTECH TRAVFLEX - is our leading Superior B2B and B2C e-Distribution Solution for all types of tour operators. With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry and IT development, we have created a software package that excels in handling all your travel business processes. TRAVFLEX strength lies in the fact that it has all the capabilities your online business needs for total automation of the whole business process, and it is also adaptable to meeting every need. TRAVFLEX is 100% capable for third party integration. This customizable software also facilitates our "TOTAL Business Exchange Concept". This means that everybody in the supply chain, including employees, suppliers and customers (travel agents, corporate customers, and direct customers), are able to login to TRAVFLEX to access the information needed at any time. It distributes information for any kind of booking with complex offers, promotions and discount system; and it empowers your clients to receive this information – anytime and anywhere.
Infotech TRAVFLEX is the complete solution consisting of Hotel/ Transfer/ Sightseeing/ Coach / Insurance and Air Ticket with dynamic packages booking solution on B2B and B2C concepts. This sophisticated Internet-based Reservation System can serve any size of Tour Operator in single or multiple locations. It is an ideal alternative for tracking the customers and reservations, and the Tour Operator no longer needs to keep stacks of paper or loose customers’ details. The Tour Operator can as well connect from anywhere in the world; analyze the reservation trends, work towards the future needs and prevent downfalls in the reservation. Travflex is a hassle free system for reservation.
With this technologically advanced, web based, back office system, data transfer is made much easier and time effective from any location. Hotel bookings are just few clicks away. Also, its account Module serves you in many ways by generating various reports necessary for accounting purposes. Its modules are:

- Hotel Module
- Transfer Module
- Sightseeing Module
- Air ticket Module
- Package Module
- On demand package
- Coach Module
- BAR – Best Available Rate Module
- MSR – Multi Supplier Rates Module
- Back Office
- Account
- Reservation
- WPS – White Labeling Private Solution Module

Booking Capability of All Travel Components below:
a. Hotels
b. Transfers
c. Activities and Excursions
d. Tour Packages
e. Flights
f. Travel Insurance
g. Coach

System Integration by API with:
a. products buying from XML supplier (notably hundreds of hotel suppliers and GDS)
b. accounting system for booking data export such as SAP, E-travel, Acpac, Power Suite

Advanced back office platform equipped with:
a. All essential profile data with business logic controls
b. Comprehensive product loading module for hotels, transfers, activities and packages
c. Reservation management module with detail reporting tools (MIS reports)
d. Accounting module
e. System configuration and user roles control management

Easy to use Extranet for hotel/supplier (ARM):
a. support both net and commissionable rates input
b. rates/allotment management with simple navigations
c. allows hotel/supplier to define promotions and multi-tier cancellation policies

Reservation management module for hotel/supplier (Neptune):
- Secure, reliable and real time booking management for hotel/supplier on system generated bookings

Meta Tags SEO & Links Management:
- Real-time Meta Tags SEO & Links Management feature who allow the admin to create meta tags (title, description and keywords) for SEO purpose, including Link builder.

User friendly and competitive booking platform:
a. Support various promotions display and accurate pricing display and calculations
b. Best Available Rates (BAR) comparison logic on product display
c. Multiple currencies buy and sell
d. Multiple languages support
e. Search/book flight + hotel in one click
f. Instant confirmation as well as on request bookings
g. Ability to sell various package types with extension night booking capability
h. Multiple services and destinations in one single booking, during same booking session or after completion of existing booking
i. Automated travel documents and emails for bookings
J. Automatic define customer nationality to match with hotels, contract

Dynamic Distribution Channels by:
1. B2B or B2C
2. XML (ready API for connection) for all products
3. WPS (white label private solutions) - allow agent have own branding to resell the products

TRAVFLEX Details Provided by: Bourdin B.

TRAVFLEX Details Provided by: Bourdin Bruno

Business Development Director at 11-Infotech System Co. Ltd.
Languages Supported
Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Thai

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