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What is Truly?

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Check out the below videos to learn more about how Truly works and how we help organizations drive more revenue.

Truly Details Provided by: Erol T.

Truly Details Provided by: Erol Toker

Founder @ Truly.co | Ex-InviteMedia (acq'd by Google)
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About Truly

Unleash the Power of Professional Conversations.

Truly is the all-in-one enterprise voice platform bringing rep productivity, global telephony, and realtime conversation intelligence together with one tool.

Organizations use Truly to clean up their voice stack. Get more conversations and cleaner data for your team while saving on cost.

As the only inbound and outbound voice solution, Sales and IT leaders alike love using Truly. Truly works everywhere, captures all your call data, and maximizes conversation quality with minimal support required.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Truly excels at 3 things: Data Capture, Call Quality, and Scalability.

Data Capture - CRM sync built to be light on your instance with full data transfer transparency.

Call Quality - Unique amongst our peers, we built a global carrier network with only Tier 1 partnerships so your calls always connect and stay connected, no matter where you are or what device you are using.

Scalability - Simple apps built for users so IT doesn't deal with set up but still maintains full system visibility and control.

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