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Trustwave is a global leader in cloud-based compliance and information security.

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Trustwave Features

Network Management

Activity Monitoring

Documents the actions from endpoints within a network. Alerts users of incidents and abnormal activities and documents the access point.

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Asset Management

Keeps records of each network asset and its activity. Discovers new assets accessing the network.


Log Management

Provides security information and stores the data in a secure repository for reference.


Incident Management

Event Management

Alerts users of incidents and allows users to intervene manually or triggers an automated response.

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Automated Response

Reduces time spent remedying issues manually. Resolves common network security incidents quickly.


Incident Reporting

Documents cases of abnormal activity and compromised systems.

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Security Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Stores information related to common threats and how to resolve them once incidents occur.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Analyzes your existing network and IT infrastructure to outline access points that can be easily compromised.

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Advanced Analytics

Allows users to customize analytics with granulized metrics that are pertinent to your specific resources.

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Data Examination

Allows users to search databases and incident logs to gain insights on vulnerabilities and incidents.

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