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Walk into a conference room with any device and start a wireless presentation in under 1 second.

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Ubiq Features


Audio Calls

Meetings facilitate high quality audio communication, both one-on-one and between larger groups.

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Video Conferencing

Meetings fascilitate high quality video conferencing, both one-on-one and between larger groups.

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Scheduling web meetings is streamlined, intuitive, and integrated into calendar and email software.

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Meeting Initiation and Joining

Starting and joining conferences is streamlined.

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Grant participants the ability to address the meeting and retract when desired.

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Conferences can be recorded for future use.

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Able to share your desktop screen or an application with the rest of the conference.

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Follow-Up and Breakout Meetings

Can easily initiate meetings with select participants from the main conference interface.

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Persenters can cue up a Powerpoint presentation or other slideshow for display in the conference.

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Rich Media

Presenters can embed high quality images or video into the presentation.

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Presenters or users can annotate a whiteboard or the presentation.

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Conferences have a text chat feature, both private and public.

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Presenters can poll the audience with a survey or let them respond with an electronic hand raise.

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Participants can submit questions which presenters can answer privately or publicly.

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File Share

Allows users to share individual files/folders with users in the conference.

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Offers a mobile app or mobile optimized website to video conference from smartphones or tablets.

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Performance and Reliability

Software is consistently available (uptime), with high audio/video quality and without dropping calls.

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Bandwidth Usage

Software optimized to perform well without taking up an exorbitant amount of bandwidth.

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Participant Permissions

The ability to grant users access to conferences as moderators, presenters or participants--individually or based on user role or group.

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User authentication and security measures like confidential attendee lists keep conferences private and secure.

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Enterprise Scalability

Provides features to allow scaling for large organizations.

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