Renata A.
    Renata A.
    QA Automation en Parabolt

    UltraEdit is a text editor that handles huge tasks with ease

    "- It has very advanced search and replace tools. - It can automatically detect the language type based on the extension of the saved file. - It can run on different operating systems. - It is a feature-rich editor for web languages. - You can easily handle different tabs. It does not depend on a single instance."

    Siggi B.
    Siggi B.

    Best editor ever

    "Probable my favorite feature is how easily it handles extremely large files. I often work with files measured in gigabytes and UltraEdit handles them without breaking a sweat. Regex find/replace is probably second favorite and goes hand in hand with large file handling"

    Mike D.
    Mike D.
    Director Tech-Ops

    Great for Systems Admin and Bash Programming

    "FTP manager, 2 and 3 way comparison tool, syntax highlighting for shell programming. Ability to edit files directly on server and save back"

    Jim C.
    Jim C.
    Oracle DBA, Technical Evangelist, Oracle ACE Director, Author, Editor, Consultant, Public Speaker, Amateur Genealogist

    The don't call it UltraEdit for nothing - it is the last editor you'll ever need to buy.

    "I've been using UltraEdit since 2001 and it's my favorite editor for just about any code - especially SQL, PL/SQL, JSON, and XML, among others. It can also handle just about any size file I throw at it, especially delimited flat files that sometimes range above 256MB. Its formatting abilities are hands-down the best I've found."

    Veronica A.
    Veronica A.
    Tester en KAIZEN2B.COM

    A reliable and efficient IDE with advanced customization features

    "The reasons why I like UltraEdit are: 1. It is possible to run UltraEdit in a Linux environment, as well as in Windows or macOS, it even has a portable version for mobile applications. 2. Its functionalities can be extended through a very simple and easy to use plugin manager. 3. It has a built-in terminal to execute different sets of commands. 4. It has Git integration to be able to load and..."

    Verified User in Information Technology and Services
    Verified User in Information Technology and Services

    When you absolutely, positively have to edit a 10GB file...

    "I've been able to do edits on very large export files for data analysis. I''m able to burn through log files faster with this tool than anything else in my arsenal. Great tool and still allow background apps to run without using up all the available memory."

    Verified User in Computer & Network Security
    Verified User in Computer & Network Security

    An unbeatable piece of software

    "I have been using Ultraedit for almost 20 years now and have never found a similar piece of software that does the work I need it to do. I originally started using it because of the ability to manage projects remotely, via ftp, but then started using the ssh / s ftp ability to do this The projects tab gives me quick access to the files I need when I need them The ability to indent code in..."

    Hal L.
    Hal L.
    Assistant Director, IT Security at GAO

    Essential on systems without vi

    "If you work on Linux/Unix systems, you know how important a good editor is, whether it is vi or emacs or something else. But even on those systems, I sometimes need something to do more, and that would be when I use UltraEdit(Yes, it works on Linux too!). On Windows systems, it is the only editor I use. It is very expandable and is essential for editing large files or reviewing config files and..."

    Mark O.
    Mark O.
    Sr. XML Analyst at Thomson Reuters

    UltraEdit is the most important tool for my job.

    "I have been using UltraEdit for years, and I don't think I'd be able to do as well as I do at my job if I didn't have UltraEdit. UltraEdit is easy to use, customizable, and really helps get the job done!"

    German F.
    German F.
    Information Technology Support Manager at MUSA Technology Partners, LLC.

    Text editor for programmers and software developers with many functions to speed up work

    "I think that what UltraEdit does best is to be so versatile and comfortable to work since this allows us to modify the texts and like no other text editor does, this adding that you have options to identify the types of languages and script makes it much more useful that other options such as Notepad++ that can crash and crash very often make ultra edit a pretty solid platform"

    Victor L.
    Victor L.
    Oracle Tech Leader at Dell

    The tool for shell script and sql scripts

    "I'm DBA and I'm glad to have this tool, it helps me a lot with scripts and shell script especially the columnar edition. The great tool makes a great result. Love!"

    Kennetha A.
    Kennetha A.
    Associate Director at Florida State University

    UlraEdit is a powerful tool

    "Our Enterprise Database Administrators use the UltraEdit software for numerous applications because it is powerful, fast, secure and has many features."

    Michael R.
    Michael R.
    IT Director at RAMS NA

    UltraEdit and UltraStudio: Can't imagine life without

    "Simple, versatile, powerful. I've used these products for years. I always know what to expect. Support staff genuninely concerned."

    Ramesh P.
    Ramesh P.
    Global Director at Infor

    Ultraedit for Scripting

    "I like Ultraedit overall , been using it for a fairly long time almost since it was first introduced Love various formatting features it provides very seful script editor , esp when you are working with Electronic Data Interchange or EDI files or XML files"

    Brian C.
    Brian C.
    Director at Nicor IT Consulting Pty Ltd and Owner, NuVu Pty Ltd

    Macro's, Column Edit, Hex Edit, non-replaced hex 00 while editing

    "The ability to record macros to execute against many files is a time-saver. The Column-Edit and Hex-Edit are vital to my software which has combined binary and text data in the same file. Similarly the option not to replace hex 00 is invaluable for my software for the above reason. The interface is clean and intuitive."

    Glen S.

    Best text editor on the market!

    "I've used UltraEdit for 15+ years now for all my text (and binary in HEX format) needs. Converts between ASCII and Unicode, highlights syntax in a large number of languages, spell checks, multiple tabs / window controls, macro functions / custom integrations possible. It's SUPER feature rich and very FAST."

    Jerry K.
    Jerry K.
    BI and Application Developer Data Analyst

    Best and most comprehensive editor I have ever used!

    "I especially love the new feature that collapses all non-matching rows when in find mode. It is so much faster than hitting F3 over and over again to jump to the next match. This also makes it easier to lines with matches because they are all together."

    Verified User in Information Technology and Services
    Verified User in Information Technology and Services

    Great XML and JSON support

    "The JSON reformat and compact features are great for everydays work with REST services. Same for XML and CSS stuff."

    Daniel W.
    Daniel W.
    Computer Psychiatrist, Network Administrator. Left field composer. Got blockchain?

    Improves my efficiency and accuracy constructing and editing complex configuration files

    "I use UE for constructing, editing and comparing complex router, switch and other network configurations. The ability to construct custom highlight rules, collapse sections and quickly navigate to a given area saves time and greatly improves my frustration coefficient. Importing log files into UE also allows me to use the complex filtering functions available. The program is stable,..."

    Jordan S.

    Very useful text editor for everything

    "I like that i can change the font sizes, the line numbers and the robust find and replace feature. Everything else Ultraedit can do, is just icing on the cake! Ultraedit is so useful, i use it at least 25 times every day. I dont even need to use any office software because Ultraedit can do it all."