Pankaj Y.
    Pankaj Y.
    Release Manager - Computer Software

    Saved multiple hours in code review.

    "Overall, a well-built and organised, lightweight app with numerous features that make all its users experience it more quickly and seamlessly. They have features that can connect syntax feedback, automatic characterisation in the language in which you function. It provides modular design, extensive customization functions as regards layouts, topics and code for greater convenience and..."

    Anand G.
    Computer Software

    The best code editor for developers

    "Scripting language to generate form/report codes from field list. Macro creating and editing with various functions and variables, including key movements. Key-mapping. Syntax highlight. Xml editing. And many more features which make UltraEdit a outstanding code editor and must have for developers. Last but not least, code comparison to find changes in different version codes etc."

    Chun Man C.
    Architect - Computer Software

    The first software I ask for at every company

    "Great performance. Tons of features have been added over the years, and the user interface modernized, but it has never seemed bloated or slow. Column editing, customizable syntax highlighting, code folding, split-screen editor, RegExp search & replace in files -- it has everything I need. UltraEdit is the first software I ask for at every company I have worked at and I recommend to all..."

    Jim D.
    Computer Software

    Powerful code editing - on Windows, Apple OSX, or Linux!

    "I'm a developer and hop from Windows to Apple's OSX, to Linux on a daily basis. I chose Ultraedit years ago because it's a powerful editing environment that works the same on all the operating systems I use. That makes me far more productive. It's fast, easily handles projects with hundreds of files to open, has powerful find/replace/macros, syntax highlighting, skinning, etc, and unique..."

    Craig R.
    Craig R.
    Solutions Architect - Computer Software

    UltraEdit to a data integration professional is like a hammer to a framing carpenter

    "Easy of use, tons of features, COLUMN EDITING, so many WordFiles available, SFTP client so I can use UltraEdit to manage files from all my systems and platforms. "

    Ted O.
    Ted O.
    Senior Software Engineer - Computer Software

    I've been using UltraEdit for more than a decade

    "This is an editor that can handle just about anything you can throw at it. EBCDIC over FTP? No problem. That little config file that you have to keep up to date? No problem. It's intuitive, easy to configure, and fast, like, really fast. Do you ever have to deal with Gigabyte files? I do. UltraEdit has no trouble with those either. "

    Art Z.
    Art Z.
    Senior Mainframe Software Developer - Computer Software

    The best PC editing tool that I have ever used - I guess that's why it's called ULTRAEDIT

    "If you need to view files and find out information in them, this is the product for you. You can see tabs, line endings and page breaks. You can switch from ASCII to other format, such as EBCIDIC. You can see individual bytes and even see the text out to the side. This is a perfect editor for viewing the data the way you want it."

    Randy T.
    Computer Software

    Premium Text Editor

    "UltraEdit is like the Bugatti of text editors in a world awash with Fords and Chevys. It does everything well, and it does a lot of everything. There are developers that cram as many features as they can into their software and end up with half-baked (and buggy) results. UltraEdit is feature-rich, and all of it is well done. "

    Mark B.
    Mark B.
    European Enterprise Sales Solution Architect - Computer Software

    Great tool!

    "Easy and simple to use, allows you to see code colour coded agains certain rules. Great support from the team."

    Clive B.
    Clive B.
    Mortgage Advisor - Computer Software

    Great product ever advancing

    "I have used this product for over 20 years and it just keeps getting better and better. I particularly like column mode and the ability to search and replace hex codes. Great for when you are trying to troubleshoot a rouge text file and get it into a form that can be imported into other applications."

    Thad A.
    Thad A.
    Database Administrator - Computer Software

    A Lovable Workhorse

    "UltraEdit has been my daily workhorse text editor for over 10 years. Column mode is a great feature that has saved me loads of work. The customizable syntax highlighting is great when working in obscure languages. The find and replace features are powerful and user friendly."

    Sergei Z.
    Senior System Architect - Computer Software

    Software development

    "Multiple functions for text processing (regexp for search/replace over file (s), scripts) Syntax highlights for many languages Ability to view different file formats (binary/text), different text encodings. Unified cross-platform experience "

    Verified User in Computer Software
    Verified User in Computer Software
    Verified User in Computer Software

    One of the best Text / SQL / Pl-SQL editors!!! Hands Down!

    "UltraEdit is a feature rich editor that you can tailor to your needs with any kind of editing work you desire, be it JSON text, HTML, SQL or plain old simple text writing."

    Verified User in Computer Software
    Verified User in Computer Software
    Verified User in Computer Software

    Swiss Army Chainsaw Editor

    "Ultraedit is great for Perl, and I like the fast speed and the function list. It has a bit of everything that I need. Converting tabs to spaces is an often used feature. Being able to fully customize the colors... The SFTP/FTP connections. Bookmarks, the find functionality to display search results in a list, to highlight occurrences. It has many features that I still discover today. It also..."

    Verified User in Computer Software
    Verified User in Computer Software
    Verified User in Computer Software

    A lifetime with UltraEdit at my side.

    "It just does everything I could hope for in an editor :-) I love the hex editor and column mode. And it's my place of choice when I simply want to make some note, save a web address or cut/paste some data for use later."

    Eduardo P.
    Tecnico Informatico, sviluppatore software, Technical Engineer - Computer Software

    A complete text and binary and utf8 editor

    "When I left my good older software in dos, as a program editor, I looked for good, precise, practical, simple software, but with better features than I was leaving. I tried many text editor, from Komodo, to Notepad ++, until one day Antonio Linares suggested UltraEdit. As Software Specialist I'm always very exigent but I did well to believe the words of Antonio. I tried it, then I bought it...."

    Marco L.
    Software Engineer - Computer Software

    Great alternative for advanced text editors

    "It is a very advanced application that has a large number of options that make UltraEdit a highly customizable editor in all its aspects. It allows to open different files in the same application by means of a tab, which is very useful if we have a dual monitor configuration because we can have a tab on the screen and thus accelerate our efficiency. It is also very useful to search using..."

    Terrence G.
    Web Designer - Computer Software

    Good editor for ASM and Java code

    "I am an UltraEdit user with an active license for many years and I mainly use the application to edit text files or simple settings and also to program in ASM and Java. For ASM any editor is useful to me but in Java it is very useful for the auto completion that implements the application which is very accurate for the code suggestions. The application is one of the oldest and most powerful..."

    Frank L.
    Frank L.
    Founder, President, Product Research, Inc - Computer Software

    Long time user

    "I have been using UltraEdit almost since it was first released in the mid 1990's, and probably will keep using it as long as I am around. It is intuitive to use, and provides tools to address any text manipulation that I have ever needed. On those rare occasions where I needed help that was outside the excellent documentation, I was able to contact a real human being who was very..."