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Unit4 review by <span>Thomas S.</span>
Thomas S.
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"A lot of capability with little glamour "

What do you like best?

I like how you can build the system from bottom up. This allows for a lot of capability. The web platform offers a user-friendly platform alternative.

What do you dislike?

I dislike the look and feel of the desktop platform. Using this for back-end functionality that is not provided on the Web is a headache. The format makes it seem like it is a 90's software. I think a migration to the web should be the focus of Unit4.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Double or triple your launch time and speak with the A, B, and C levels in your organization before switching. Testing the system first is important to see if it is the right fit.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We are trying to connect all of our systems to one platform. We realized that Unit4 can make this possible but the set-up and testing time take a lot longer than we expected.

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Unit4 review by <span>Mark J.</span>
Mark J.
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"Unit4 - Hugely flexible but don't get tied in knots"

What do you like best?

You have the ability to categorise and report data in a myriad of ways to suit your business.

What do you dislike?

Due to the flexibility of the product it is hard for Unit4 to support you. They have to understand your set up first in order to get to how it happened before they can offer a fix (if they can). You therefore need strong internal teams and to try and keep things simple.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Business World is our mandatory financial tool and ultimately collates the data to then produce our reports. We can record the level of detail we need to analyse our revenue and expenditure because Business World allows you to create your own set of attributes to capture what's required.

We fully use Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Purchase Ordering, General Ledger, Expenses, Sales Invoicing and more. Having all these modules within one system benefits reporting, the validation of data and system control.

In terms of a recent success story, we implemented Purchase Order processing incorporating workflow approvals, access control, receipting, commitment accounting and emailing of actual orders. This was for a specific area of the business that had bought goods and services direct and offline and was open to a number of challenges because of it. All those challenges were solved with Business World PO's.

What ERP Systems solution do you use?

Thanks for letting us know!
Unit4 review by <span>Jesús M. P.</span>
Jesús M. P.
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"Vice President of Enterprise Accounting"

What do you like best?

These are the aspect of Unit4 Business World that I like best:

• TCO or Total Cost of Ownership - Unit4 Business World offers the most cost-effective total cost among all providers of the first and second level.

• Ability for each entity to remain unique: Each of our international subsidiaries has their own clients. The main advantage is that you can meet local requirements such as local GAAP and presentation of reports in the local currency. There is no limitation to the number of clients, and there is no additional cost.

• Multi-currency environment: With Unit4 Business World it is possible to record transactions in any currency, including bitcoin. You can keep accounting records in three different currencies and varied by client. The currency revaluation feature is perfect as it meets different accounting standards. You can reevaluate per account, account type, different currency tables, and general accounting. The integration with Oanda, a leader in currency information, works perfectly.

• Global Reports are consolidated between clients - with browser functionality the financial reports consolidated can be prepared by taking information easily using the reporting currency.

• Workflow - visual workflow diagram design facilitates the business auditing process and transactions. Workflow with document archives is a key feature to free the office from excess paper handlings.

What do you dislike?

In the spirit of constructive criticism, I think that the areas where Unit4 can improve are:

• The configuration of the payment process needs improvement. Too much time is required to set up a payment such as a check, bank transfer, etc.

• Allow a central console to manage changes to the chart of accounts and common attributes in the multi-client configurations.

• The customer service needs improving because the staff of Unit4 is overloaded. They have a great staff but are overloaded with too many projects at the same time. Customer service relies heavily on consultants and the response time is slow.

• Educational material and training. Unit4 does not have good training materials. My recommendation is to take advantage of modern MOOC platforms (Massive Online Courses) to educate the user. For example, one of the keys to Microsoft and SAP’s success are precisely their certification program techniques.

• The functionality of different types of fiscal years must be improved. We found no configuration that did not create a conflict between groups of accounts balances versus groups of account activities. At Heifer®, to solve the problem, we had to standardize fiscal years and create special reports.

• The tax calculation module can be improved. It requires many tests to understand the final code and the impact on transactions.

• The payroll module only works in the United States and Canada. My recommendation for it is to be able to function with other countries.

• There is a lack of good documentation regarding the structure of the database. My recommendation is to produce better technical documentation to be able to produce auxiliary software specific for each company.

• There is no Customer Relationship Management Module (CRM). It is important to mention that they are studying the possibility to leverage the CRM functionality.

• The licensing process is not clear. My recommendation is to define an “active user” versus an “occasional user.”

Recommendations to others considering the product

An ERP, by definition, is a sophisticated software and hardware system. An ERP is not a solution for all problems. It is important to define your problem and thus the project goals. An ERP is a solution to a problem. If you have not defined your problem and then embark on an ERP project because it is "super modern," then the ERP will be your problem.

My top three recommendations are:

1. Only if you have the support of senior management and the President, get on board an ERP project; otherwise, do not.

2. Standardization of business processes is a critical success factor for an ERP. Without standardization, there is no successful ERP. For example, standard accounting principles and job descriptions.

3. No investment in training means, no return on investment. Only a trained user can maximize investment in an ERP system.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Since the implementation of the ERP Unit4 Business World, we at Heifer International® has streamlined processes, such as the closure of accounts and preparation of the Consolidated Financial Statements. The complexity of working in a multi-currency environment has been reduced. This is thanks to multiple solutions that include: foreign currency management, managing intercompany transactions, and customer consolidation solutions to manage the elimination transactions and statutory adjustment. Managers are now making decisions based on real-time information.

The summary of the benefits and results are as follows:

• Simplification of the annual closing and preparation of consolidated financial statements

• Simplification and standardization of the revaluation process without the need to make manual calculations. No need to reevaluate the foreign currency in an Excel file with an average exchange rate because - with the Revaluation module and Oanda subscription - the system updates daily exchange rates and translation of foreign currency transactions to dollars automatically. The revalorization of assets and liabilities at the end of the month is done in the same system.

• No need to collect data from different systems because all necessary data is contained in the same ERP database.

• Intercompany transactions (transactions that occur between headquarters and subsidiaries abroad) are automatically recorded in each country’s books in the ERP.

• The financial information includes more relevant and comprehensive information, for decision-makers on time. Another important feature is comparability between entities at Heifer®.

• The exponential increase of managing accounting because reports are provided for internal analysis. The browser in Agresso offers the flexibility to generate the appropriate report for the correct situation. This tool has a "deepening" feature. In other words, the ability to see the details behind an information summary.

• Increased financial transparency. With a few clicks, the auditor may pass from a brief indication of the browser (or reporting tool) from the details of a major account or a payable voucher account.

• Increased internal controls because there is a direct link to the single transactions that make up the state so that fraud and abuse of assets can be detected more easily.

• Improves human capital and project management.

• Save hundreds of hours of labor since the implementation of the ERP. As an example, in the past, it took more than fifteen people and two months to prepare financial data for consolidation. Now, this information is already in the systems in local currency, functional currency, and reporting currency (US dollars). These 15+ people can do more analytical work such as the use of global reports to make important decisions in real time.

• Additionally, a conservative economic estimate is that Heifer® saves more than $125,000 per year since the implementation of Unit4 Business World.

Unit4 review by <span>Mathieu M.</span>
Mathieu M.
Validated Reviewer
Verified Current User
Review Source

"Newly Implemented Financial System"

What do you like best?

Software is easily configurable and flexible for ongoing maintenance (as long as you don't customize it!) It offers strong financial/accounting functionality with an easy to use interface for both light and heavy users. The reporting is likely the strength of this tool, allowing users to easily extract/view the data they need.

What do you dislike?

When you start using functions/modules outside of their speciality, the system tends to lack some functionality. Because of its flexibility, you can typically get away with it if it's not core to your business or complex. That said, their integration tools are great, so integrating to best in breed of other systems should be easily feasible.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We had an ERP system that was too large for our organisation, costing us hundreds of thousands with little value added. Already, 2 months after implementation, we've had major cost savings (on licences, maintenance and support and implementation/upgrade costs) and improved much of the functionality we used to have before, with still plenty of place to grow and add.

Unit4 review by <span>Mike W.</span>
Mike W.
Validated Reviewer
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"Business world on helps us challenge tradition and move towards a better future"

What do you like best?

There is a ton of customisable options and reporting tools for you to adapt to the needs of your business and the ever changing business landscape.

What do you dislike?

the help sometime doesn't cover information about a screen for you to configure without the need for expert intervention.

Recommendations to others considering the product

set out your vision for your intended process and end goals and look clearly at the end user skillset and consider the use of experience packs to help improve the end user experience and business productivity and take the time to look into the minor set up details.

All this can lead to a smart easy adaptable business solutions that can change with the times and keep moving your business forward in a positive and productive manner.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

we have converted lots of form based requests/approval from paper to electronic using the forms & workflow.

we utilise a single client environment for a group of companies allow ease of single company and group reporting.

position based security access allows us instantly grant the proper access to staff without the need for heavy admin.

lots of manual postings have been converted to automatic through batch loading tools and scheduled reporting.

the experience packs have provided a less cluttered user interface by allowing admin to control what users see and which data is essential.

Unit4 review by <span>Jon K.</span>
Jon K.
Validated Reviewer
Verified Current User
Review Source

"Technical back office review of Unit4 Business World On! (Agresso) "

What do you like best?

What the software is built on. Agresso was built on modern development tools and everything that was used is in the Microsoft Stack. This makes it easy to understand what the code is doing and to make the modifications that are required to run a business. Agresso is built on Microsoft SQL Server and it can be run on Oracle if your business requires it (Oracle db is much more expensive). The big part is the software is built with C# in the .net framework (Huge benefit) the "Top Gen" modification of the GUI is program once for both Desktop client and the Web client (why don't more ERP systems do that?). When using SQL Server the tables and the names are very human readable not some CRAZY normalized db to the extreme (trying to get a tiny bit of extra performance?). This is what ERP software should be like.

What do you dislike?

Unit4 has been focusing on "Bells and Whistles" to much with "Experience Packs" and not making the back office code with integrations for all modules rock solid. Don't get me wrong when there are integration processes in Agresso they are rock solid it is just the "Sales" department at Unit4 is all about the fancy "Experience Packs".

Recommendations to others considering the product

If you want an actual ERP system build on a modern development environment this is almost the only one on the market. Ask all the other ERP vendors what they are built on and they will try to point you to their add-on's extra programs created with new development but if you dig deep (you REALLY have to push! they don't want you to know) to see that most of the big ERP packages are built on 1970's COBOL or 1980's RPG or some other proprietary development language and it will cost you to fit your business into that system.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We are trying to consolidate a number of in house built programs and put them into Agresso.

Kate from G2 Crowd

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