VECTARY is an online 3D modeling tool desigened to help create, share and customize 3D designs.

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What is VECTARY?

VECTARY is an online 3D modeling tool with which you can create, share and customize 3D designs. VECTARY is a combination of standard mesh modeling, subdivision modeling, and parametric plugins. It was built from scratch to make 3D modeling easy-to-use for beginners and is also useful to pros.

VECTARY stands alone among other 3D modeling tools with a compelling set of features:
•Accessible from anywhere, at any time - every model is created
in the browser and saved in the cloud, under your account

•Easy to use - with a simplified user interface, VECTARYtargets user groups that want to quickly get into 3D modeling and expect professional-looking results

•Community - more than just a tool, VECTARY is also a community platform where anyone can share and customize 3D models by playing with parameters or editing the mesh structure of other designs

•Freemium - a fully functional toolset with unlimited models to share; you also start with five private models if you don’t feel like sharing yet or want to work on multiple projects at the same time

•3D-print-ready models - most of the models you create can be 3D printed on your home printer or using 3D printing services

VECTARY Details Provided by: Mirka B.

VECTARY Details Provided by: Mirka Biel Kasanicka

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