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Basic Predictive Analytics Package $15,000 Viametric's data scientists will apply our powerful proprietary Predictive Analytics tool set to your customer database, run various models on the data and determine the best predictive model that fits your customer purchase behavior. We can help your company make sense of the customer and prospect transactional data you have collected recently or accumulated over time and give you actionable insights and recommendations.
  • Database profiling and customer segmentation using k-means cluster analysis.
  • Predictive Modeling, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Predictive Lead scoring
  • The cost of the Viametric basic P.A package ranges from $7,500 to $15,000, depending upon the size and structure of the database
  • Additional charges may apply if the database needs extensive re-structuring to make it suitable for the application of predictive modeling techniques.
Premium Predictive Analytics Package $15,000 Viametric data and market research scientists will create a comprehensive on-line survey for deployment to your current customer base.
  • The results of this research study, customized for your business needs, will help answer the important questions regarding the drivers of product purchase, competitor products purchased, level of satisfaction with your products and competitor products, future product purchase intention, NPS scores for your company and competitors (for those customers who have purchased from competitors).
  • This research process will enhance the predictability of the model created from the database alone and the survey results will be integrated with the database model results and a new, more powerful model will be created, to help your business grow, reduce customer churn , stay competitive in a rapidly changing global economy and maintain or increase your market share.
  • This new model will be Prescriptive not just Predictive
  • The cost of the Predictive Analytics Premium package of research services and analytics begins at $15,000 (Note: final project price will depend on the cost of the sample, the complexity of the survey questionnaire and the additional services required to answer your research questions)
Pricing information for ViaMetric is supplied by the software provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Final cost negotiations to purchase ViaMetric must be conducted with the vendor.
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