VIPRE for Business


VIPRE uses cutting-edge machine learning, one of the world’s largest threat intelligence clouds, and real-time behavior analysis to protect millions of users every day from top threats like ransomware, zero-day attacks and other malware that easily evades traditional antivirus. Easy to use, fast to deploy and simple to maintain, VIPRE’s small footprint never slows you down, and all VIPRE customers receive free U.S.-based technical support.

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VIPRE for Business Features

System Control

Asset Management

Keeps records of each network asset and its activity. Discovers new assets accessing the network.


System Isolation

Cuts off network connection or temporarily inactivate applications until incidents are remedied.


Device Control

Manages user network accessibility on laptops and mobile devices.

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Web Control

Filters websites and manages whitelisting to enforce compliance protocols for users accessing the internet within the network.

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Application Control

Blocks endpoint users from accessing restricted applications.

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Vulnerability Prevention

Endpoint Intelligence

Analysis for users to examine threat intelligence data specific to their endpoint devices.

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Protects endpoint devices from a variety of attacks and malware threats.

(Based on 23 reviews)

Malware Detection

Provides multiple techniques and information sources to alert users of malware occurrences.

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Security Management

Incident Reports

Produces reports detailing trends and vulnerabilities related to their network and infrastructure.

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Security Validation

The product has a recurring examination process to update your intelligence reports as new threats emerge.

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Monitors assets and enforces security policies to audit assets and infrastructure security.