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Agile tool for professionals. Software as a service created as a single page application for agile project management and collaboration.

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What is VivifyScrum?

VivifyScrum is a software as a service product for agile project management and collaboration created as a single page application. Its advantage is that it was developed by a scrum team that was lacking a single simple tool with many useful features. VivifyScrum is made to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. Its clean design provides a clear overview of product and sprint backlog and it offers a variety of features tailored to suit real needs of agile teams, developers, freelancers and IT companies. VivifyScrum is constantly being improved by adding new features. Many features are based on users’ feedback and suggestions.
VivifyScrum allows users to manage multiple projects belonging to different teams from a single page. Items can be easily added, organized into iterations and their details defined. So far, VivifyScrum can be integrated with GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab so commits can be linked to items. VivifyScrum can also be integrated with Travis CI, Semaphore CI and GitLab CI. Slack is available as a chat integration. Also import from Pivotal Tracker and Trello is available.

VivifyScrum Details Provided by: Marija M.

VivifyScrum Details Provided by: Marija Mandić

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