1. Luca C.

    Responsabile commerciale presso Il Dato Srl

    Webroot Secure ANYWHERE

    "We started to use and develop Webroot to our customer less than 1 year ago. We are moving them expecially from Trend Micro (enterprise client) or Kaspersky/Norton (for small organisation). We have almost finished this switch off. Plenty of satisfaction, easily way to deploy the agents and monitoring all the "bad" activities of the end users. . . That's make us really happy because we are now..."
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  2. Sterling W.

    Owner and founder of Sterling IT Solutions. We provide managed services to companies who want to outsource their IT.

    Great Product - Light Weight and Effective

    "Very lightweight. Detection and remediation work great. The web console is easy to navigate and utilize. "
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  3. Charlie B.

    Service Engineer

    Webroot the shining star!

    "Webroot is so easy to use the console is simple yet contains so much info! Installation is simple and could perform maintenance with my eyes closed. Good alert system and brilliant scanning system. Do not have to worry about getting help from the team as they are all lovely and respond rapidly! "
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  4. Teri M.

    Account Manager at TSpec

    Excellent Protection

    "Webroot Endpoint protection is easy to install and easy to manage. The agent is light, and users do not experience the lag that competitors endpoint software can cause. The reseller and end user support is also phenomenal. It also does an excellent job at catching threats and cleaning up after a virus is deployed."
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  5. Racey C.

    IT Manager, Eliassen Group

    Easy deployment, minimal footprint, and excellent protection

    "Webroot is literally "fire and forget". I deployed Webroot to more than 100 endpoints by myself. The process was quick and easy, and now I do two things: enjoy not dealing with infected machines and renew my subscription each year. I do layer this with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, but since I deployed Webroot in my environment I have a not had a single infected endpoint in the more than three..."
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