1. Christopher C.

    Senior Engineer & Team Lead

    Webroot - Complete Business Protection

    "Multiple Products - SecureAnywhere, DNS, Security Awareness Training. Three products that work together to not only protect the network, but inform the End-Users on how to better their security practices. We had started with just the SecureAnywhere protection but with the focus on Security, DNS and Awareness Training are becoming more valuable to us in protecting clients networks. "
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  2. Brandon S.

    Systems and Applications Technician at Crown College

    Excellent AV alternative

    "It is does not take up much resources on the end client machine even when running scans. It auto-runs a scan and attempts to remove the threat as soon as it detects it. After using it for more than 2 years, it has not failed to quarantine or remove a threat. The admin interface is easy to use and implement different policies. Webroot does an excellent job of explaining different features."
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  3. Richard C.

    Head of Service Operations at Mirus IT Solutions

    Webroot Endpoint Protection

    "Simple to install and manage. Low overhead on PC performance."
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  4. Racey C.

    IT Manager, Eliassen Group

    Easy deployment, minimal footprint, and excellent protection

    "Webroot is literally "fire and forget". I deployed Webroot to more than 100 endpoints by myself. The process was quick and easy, and now I do two things: enjoy not dealing with infected machines and renew my subscription each year. I do layer this with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, but since I deployed Webroot in my environment I have a not had a single infected endpoint in the more than three..."
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  5. Patrick R.

    Software Developer at OS-Cubed, Inc.

    New way of doing AntiVirus

    "It seems to "just work" and doesn't get in the way. I have used a number of antivirus solutions in the past and they all seem to make my computer run slowly. With WebRoot, I forget it's even installed, except when it does its job, blocking malware and viruses."
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