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Elvis digital asset management enables businesses to store, index, search, repurpose and distribute digital media content. It enables them to break down silos and enhance workflow through integration with other business systems.

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WoodWing review by <span>Kimberly A.</span>
Kimberly A.
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"Easy to use digital asset manager."

What do you like best?

Elvis allows my team to collaborate on designs and lets us keep track of what publications the assets was used in. Simple user interface with the ability to share with outside clients for image approvals, comments, and allows you to set a time limit on how long you want to share a link to assets. Drag and drop upload with batch tagging is good feature.

What do you dislike?

When creating keywords, there isn't way to edit or delete keyword tags that was created. Video previews are only for the first 10 mins.

Recommendations to others considering the product

It helps to have someone dedicated to uploading and cataloging images to save designers time when searching keywords. Don't just use words that only your team can understand but anyone that will need to access and search for images.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

The design team had a problem with assets that was being stored/linked to another designer desktop. With Elvis we no longer have that as a issue and everyone has access to assets because they are now stored in one location and is able to link/drag and drop assets in to adobe software.

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WoodWing review by <span>Mauro T.</span>
Mauro T.
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"The digital assets you need, when you need them, wherever you are!"

What do you like best?

It's hard to say you need a DAM until you find yourself drowning in a tsunami of digital assets. Elvis make easy, in no time and with an almost flat learning curve to get back in control of what you have and what you can use.

What do you dislike?

Difficult to say, maybe that the UI doesn't have too much "nerdy" features but, eventually, it's one of its main values.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

It make the difference between wasting time struggling to find the last version of a digital asset and simply using what you need being sure is the right asset. The main benefits are a terrific improvement of productivity and the reduction of errors down close to zero.

What Digital Asset Management solution do you use?

Thanks for letting us know!
WoodWing review by Administrator in Retail
Administrator in Retail
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"A High Quality but Pricey CDN"

What do you like best?

I like the organized User Interface / Dashboard that WoodWing provides for their CDN solution. Being able to provide user access and control what they can do permissions wise makes the process very easy to manage. Managing a team of 5+ designers can get hectic at times and this helps solve that issue.

The speed of the Elvis CDN servers were on par if not faster than the other CDN solution providers out there and our website load time went from 5.0 seconds to fully load down to 2.8 which was a drastic savings.

What do you dislike?

I dislike the price point that they offer as there are cheaper cdn alternatives out there. Such as Cloudinary or even Amazon's AWS depending on your overall needs. The dashboard is not as easy or simplistic as other CDN alternatives but it does get the job done of delivering assets in a timely manner.

Recommendations to others considering the product

If you are on a tight budget I wouldn't recommend using WoodWing Elvis DAM, and would suggest that they try out a solution like Cloudinary or Amazon AWS. In today's world the faster cheaper CDN solution provider will be key in the coming future with a majority of customers turning towards Mobile devices for browsing our website.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

For the short term the CDN by WoodWing / Elvis have helped us improve loadtime speeds while also improving our SEO efforts. The organized layout of the dashboard with detailed metadata makes working with many assets very efficient.

WoodWing review by <span>Belinda A.</span>
Belinda A.
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"Easy to use image management"

What do you like best?

It is easy to find images, move images around and rename images.

What do you dislike?

I don't like how many images you can see at a time - I wish that interface was a little easier.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I can share images with the customer instead of downloading them and saving them into an email. They can also download the images if they need to.

WoodWing review by <span>Tove S.</span>
Tove S.
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"I'm very excited about Elvis DAM."

What do you like best?

As I have a background as a layouter and is now production coordinator I am very fond of the highly visual and intuitive interface.

It's easy to search or browse for assets and it is great that you can create collections of photos from conferences or otherwise.

I like that I have all kind af assets in one place as opposed to an image database and a server with old layouts and PDFs and so on.

What do you dislike?

When I send a dossier with an article to archive from Content Station and have to bring it back again it is not the same type of document I'll get back.

I also have some troubles with the Elvis/Content Station integration, but I think that it mostly has to do with the fact that we haven't upgraded til Content Station 9 - yet.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Go for it!

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Being a production coordinator at the Journal of the Danish Medical Association my main taks using Elvis DAM is helping the Journalists and layouters search for and retrieve photos and old articles or announcements that they need to reuse in some way. Our archive of articles dates back to 2002 so if a member of the Danish Medical Association needs something this old I'm the one who finds it.

I am also in charge of to archiving documents from Content Station to Elvis.

WoodWing review by <span>James G.</span>
James G.
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"CyanGate uses Elvis DAM internally as well as a developer and reseller of Elvis DAM."

What do you like best?

CyanGate chose Elvis DAM for the following reasons for mid-tier DAM solutions for departments and small to mid-tier companies:

User Friendly UI enables rapid adoption.

Elasticsearch provides scalability and reliability for searches to take milliseconds.

Share Feature enables secure file sharing without stressing email servers.

Rules based permission settings enables easy administration and security.

REST and SOAP APIs enables easy integration with other systems.

Underlying Technology: Elvis DAM is Java based enables easy customization. Elvis DAM was the first DAM to use the Lucene search engine to enable rapid search results.

Scalability. Elvis DAM is the only DAM solution that can handle 1 billion assets.

Native integration with Adobe CS, CC and CS6 allowing drag and drop features and auto-versioning.

What do you dislike?

If a customer needs support for 3D / multidimensional files or advanced video transcoding for video, the customer will need to integrate with another third party tool with Elvis DAM. This can be solved by leveraging the APIs or customization.

Although Elvis DAM is open for customization, some may need assistance if they are unfamiliar with Javascript. In these cases, a customer may want a consultant like CyanGate. On the other hand, I have seen customers with excellent java skills excel at making their own customizations.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Elvis DAM is an excellent solution for mid-tier and small companies and departments looking to organize, search, share, repurpose and distribute content. Given Elvis 5's server clustering, Elasticsearch and ability to handle a billion assets, Elvis DAM can be an Enterprise level solution.

Those who will benefit the most are the following:

Using Adobe CS, CC, CS6 and CC2014 on a daily basis

Using large amounts of photography and InDesign

Publishers using WoodWing Content Station or Enterprise

Indexing large amounts of material

Searching for text within documents

Regulating incoming materials via FTP sites

I encourage those considering Elvis DAM to run both individual tests for thirty days and a server trial to test on their own systems. Before engaging a server trial make sure you have the time commitment from all of those involved in the project, the equipment and test cases in a live environment.

To test hosting or a cloud solution, please contact CyanGate.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Typically, customers are looking to solve the following and received the following results:

Indexing all assets - Elvis DAM serves as the central place to search for all uploaded content.

Manage Versioning - Elvis DAM uses auto-versioning to monitor changes.

Regulating asset usage for copyright, legal, proprietary or marketing use - The rules and permissions settings enable administrators to grant access to assets. Some customers regulate assets by setting rules to sunset assets from usage.

Relieve the burden of sending large files via email - By leveraging the Share Client, hypertext to assets can be sent without encountering performance on the email server.

Better communication between sales and marketing - Marketers use Elvis DAM to share marketing collateral with sales reps in the field.

Tracking assets in large documents - Elvis DAM tracks all assets contained within a document.

Saving money - the ROI of Elvis DAM varies company to company, however the general benefits are reducing legal expenses from asset misuse, regaining time from staff by accelerating searches, repurposing content with a shorter time to market and eliminating file sharing tools.

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