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The only intelligent automation platform that enables both business users and IT to build, operate and rollout app and data integration, process and workflow automation, in a single platform - without compromising security and governance.

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What is Workato?

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Watch Workato Customer Testimonials and Product demos. Listen to our users' completely candid narrative of their experience as they tackle a diverse set of business problems. Hear how Workato helps them be successful in their digital transformation and watch how we do it with our demo videos.

Workato Details Provided by: Zann Y.

Workato Details Provided by: Zann Yap

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About Workato

Workato, an iPaaS leader trusted by over 21,000 organizations, is the only platform for intelligent automation. It provides enterprise integration, process automation, and a citizen experience, enabling business users and IT to collaborate to build, operate and rollout automations without compromising security and governance.

The world's top brands run on Workato including the #1 SaaS company, #1 enterprise collaboration company, #1 financial services company,#1 bakery cafe chain, #1 big data company, #1 cloud content management company, #1 home improvement company, #1 professional soccer league, #1 arts and crafts retail store, and more.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Workato is an intelligent automation platform that transforms companies into connected, automated and intelligent digital businesses.

It is versatile, encompassing the different features you need for effective business automation, including data integration, enterprise app integration, process and workflow automation, bots and RPA.

Using our patented SmartClone technology, we allow users to find, edit, and clone pre-built integration recipes, enabling a Github-like community for integrations. This allows both IT and business users to build recipes quickly, without coding. 77% of Workato customers deploy their 1st integration within a week.

Workato also provides low total cost of ownership, without the need for DevOps. Being pure SaaS, our multi-tenant structure allows for auto scaling. You only pay for what you use.

Deploy agile automations quickly with Workato. Build out your integrations in minutes, not months. Workato allows you to deploy new integrations instantly and make rapid iterations, so you can achieve unprecedented productivity.

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