Workstation Player

4.3 out of 5 stars

VMware Workstation Player allows you to run a second, isolated operating system on a single PC. With many uses ranging from a personal educational tool, to a business tool for providing a simplified experience to run a corporate desktop on a BYO device, Workstation Player leverages the VMware vSphere hypervisor to provide a simple yet mature and stable, local virtualization solution.

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Workstation Player Features

Usage Information

Offers visibility into employee device activity

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Allows for integration of support, chat, diagnostic or other IT management tools

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Provides administrators with performance information to

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Session Recording

Provides the ability to record remote access and support sessions

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Session Transfer

Allows remote access and support sessions to be transferred between users

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Unattended Access

Allows administrators access to devices, regardless of end-user's presence

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File Sharing

Allows remote users to share files with other remote users

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Cross-Platform Access

Allows remote usage and access across a range of operating systems and device types

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Mobile Device Access

Allows remote desktop administrators access to connected mobile devices

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Applicatons Management

Centrally manages, configures, and oversees applications on employee devices

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Remote Device Control

Allows administators to take control of a connected endpoint device

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Remote Wipe

Enable the remote locking down and encryption of employee devices

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Device Management

Unifies endpoint management of employee devices

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Device Enrollment

Registers employee-owned or company-distributed devices for IT access

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