Best in class Analytical capabilities

    "Ease of use, Self service Capabilities, Effective Integration and embedding capabilities, Analytical extended scope with unique features such as Auto Insights etc. Integration with Third party charting libraries helps to create stunning visualization, "


    An easy to use and robust,powerful BI

    "Good implementation and consistent support,simple creation of interactive dashboards"

    <span>Anthony U.</span>
    Anthony U.

    Overall, working with YellowFin BI has been a very good experience

    "The drag and drop report builder is easy to work with"

    <span>Justin C.</span>
    Justin C.

    Great piece of software

    "The storyboard feature is really useful and the linking of reports to one another. Also the YellowFin staff that assist us with implementing the solution have been fantastic, Brett and Shawn have been excellent"

    <span>Ronald H.</span>
    Ronald H.

    Yellowfin helped us improve operations by reducing cost and offering rich functionality

    "Ease of integration, ease of doing business, custom go-to-market model, quality and reactivity of support."

    User in Computer Software
    User in Computer Software

    Awesome reporting tool.

    "Create stunning, flexible reports and dashboards."

    User in Information Technology and Services
    User in Information Technology and Services

    One of the best tool for reporting purpose

    "The User friendly UI and functionalities provided by Yellowfin are easy to use and understand."

    User in Information Technology and Services
    User in Information Technology and Services

    Excellent product for Operational Business Anlytics

    "Easy to use, intuitive and interactive UI. Auto charting features. Drill Anywhere capability. Real time Dashboard and reports. Visualization Third party chart embedding "

    <span>Suresh Kumar P.</span>
    Suresh Kumar P.

    Powerful BI Tool

    "Yellowfin UI. Easy to Navigate, User friendly tool, Social Features"

    User in Computer Software
    User in Computer Software

    Good tool for BI use cases

    "Report generation, good UI and performance, and upcoming features."

    <span>Edgar K.</span>
    Edgar K.
    Experienced Technologist, Analytics Consultant and Business Leader

    A great platform for collaborative BI and ISV embedded analytics.

    "- Ease of use, UI - Depth of functionality in embedding and white labeling - Web-based architecture - Reporting and dashboarding, especially the geolocation functionality - Storyboarding - Flexible subscription licencing - New built-in trending / forecasting functionality - Ability to connect to JSON data sources"

    <span>Ian N.</span>
    Ian N.
    Director at BIReady Australia. Part-time growth hacker for start-ups.

    Gives Tableau a run for its money...!

    "Price - Yellowfin offers serious bang-for-buck Collaboration - Yellowfin contains collaborative features found in no other BI tool. User Interface - This easily has to be the best-looking BI tool out there. We've seen Yellowfin come a long way in the last few years. In this day and age when business decisions are made by teams, it helps that Yellowfin offers a range of really cool ways to..."

    <span>Chris R.</span>
    Chris R.
    Analytics Expert | BI Pro | Sr. Consultant | Whisky Lover | Copyright Agency

    The right fit

    "What I like most about Yellowfin is that the focus of the company (and the product) is on facilitating the process of delivering great self-service reporting and dashboards. The vast majority of people in most organisations are not self-service analysts, but 'self-service consumers', and need a supported, guided BI experience."

    <span>Kevin R.</span>
    Kevin R.
    All Things Data

    Yellowfin Best Value for BI on the Cloud

    "Yellowfin has comprehensive, leading-edge Data Visualization and analytic capabilities at a fantastic price point. For my firm, we particularly like how well Yellowfin works for cloud solutions and sourcing data from other cloud services via their FOC connectors. We found that we could quickly deploy, scale and provide yellowfin technology for our new Whole-View PaaS offering without..."

    <span>Trevor K.</span>
    Trevor K.
    BI Consultant at Toustone

    Easy to use BI tool for the masses

    "The Yellowfin tool is very easy to learn, and is helped by the training materials available online via YouTube and the Yellowfin University. It takes very little time to go from a data model to creating some visually appealing graphs and charts to tell a story to the audience about the data being presented. Being a web-based tool also makes it available anywhere with an internet connection,..."

    <span>Can I.</span>
    Can I.
    Product Analyst at Financial Sciences Corporation

    My experience with Yellowfin was outstanding both as an administrator and report writer.

    "I like how Yellowfin evolves fast to fill the gaps in their visualization coverage and I like how easy to administrate and customize the interface. "

    <span>Gabriel R.</span>
    Gabriel R.
    Business Unit Manager at Pensemos S.A.

    Love to create analytic content using it

    "What I like best is the easy to use GUI and that it has evolved to maintain the focus on ease of use. It is usual to end with a nice looking result without making a lot of effort."

    <span>Steven G.</span>
    Steven G.
    Business Intelligence Consultant

    Excellent BI Product

    "I like how easy it is to get a working dashboard and reports to users. Once your data is staged correctly the software allows for quick no fuss dashboard development. Most existing BI software tools take days to get a dashboard up and running. I also like the fact Yellowfin is rapidly evolving to upgrade and change with market demands and opening up charting options with javascript charts in..."

    <span>Craig L.</span>
    Craig L.
    Chief Executive Officer at Toustone

    Excellent Value and functionality.

    "Yellowfin provides excellent value. It is very well price in comparison to other BI tools. Considering the functionality that comes with Yellowfin this provides very good value for money. End users find it easy to use and the development pipeline continues to bring new features which enhance the overall user experience. It's been built for cloud deployment (no local client to install) which..."

    <span>Danushka B.</span>
    Danushka B.
    Research Assistant at Syracuse University

    Inexpensive BI that can be deployed easily

    "That it supports Amazon web services for easy deployment. Inexpensive compared to other BI software"