Hamza K.
    Technical Lead/Architect - Oil & Energy

    Yellowfin BI review as report generator for utilities & smart energy sector

    "Yellowfin BI stays a pioneer in the rival industry. All the time they have competing and ingenious ideas, which makes them the top in the market. In addition to that, they have a very helpful, knowledgeable, and fast support team."

    Sharley C.
    Sharley C.
    Chief Product Officer - Computer Software

    YellowFin has a large array of features empowering it to be a highly adaptable a nd scalable BI Tool

    "It's flexibility with customisable content fields and a good selection of pre-defined content with expansions through more technical means."

    Dylan c.
    Deputy CEO - Computer Software

    Powerful Reporting Tool

    "Yellowfin BI is easy to use. Multiple different chart options to choose from. They are consistently improving their system. Their support is top-notch."

    Carter K.
    Creative Director - Marketing and Advertising

    A BI alternative that deserves a chance, just one will do

    "In my organization we are using Yellowfin to create dashboards and reports where we can capture data collected from different sources and its performance has been great. We have integrated it with other predictive analytics tools and the process has been amazingly fast. Yellowfin's user interface is very attractive, I like it a lot and it has features that are good for the whole company such as..."

    Gary F.
    Gary F.
    CEO - Higher Education

    YellowFin Product Review

    "The richness of its features and functionality plus its simplicity of installation and use."

    Mitchell C.


    "Yellowfin is incredibly easy to work with. Everything is super intuitive and well designed. The support they provide through training, documentation, YouTube, community forums, and tickets is nothing short of amazing. As a new user, it has been a delightful experience working on getting our app up and running!"

    James R.
    James R.
    Chief Executive Officer - Higher Education

    Yellowfin BI, an excellent dashboard and intelligence solution for your growing business.

    "Easy to build clean and modern visual dashboards."

    Sudeep S.
    Sudeep S.
    Software Engineer - Telematics Solutions - Logistics and Supply Chain

    Excellent BI Software

    "Yellowfin is an amazing software to present analytics data reports and dashboards with tons of customization and flexible options. I like the way Yellowfin comes with an inbuilt user profile management with support for standard and custom roles, permissions features. These features are very much valuable when working in a multitenant environment. The support for dynamic filters, content..."

    Sachin L.
    Sachin L.
    Product Technical Architect - Insurance

    A user friendly tool designed for everyone specially for Business Users

    "I really liked the recent enhancements like data preparation, data governance and collaboration experiences to add to its advanced reporting, dashboards, visualization, and embedded BI capabilities."

    Tara W.
    Tara W.
    Food Production

    Yellowfin Never Fails

    "Yellowfin's flexibility is the best. I haven't been in a situation where I wasn't able to build what I needed to."

    Ed R.

    Superb Analytics product with matched service and technical expertise

    "Powerful BI engine, simple to integrate and quick to get running. Combining data across multiple datasources is achieved simply. UX is excellent as are the customisable permutations. Technical questions or issues are handles quickly, courteously and efficiently by the Yellowfin team."

    Verified User in Oil & Energy
    Verified User in Oil & Energy
    Verified User in Oil & Energy

    Fantastic support and onboarding from Yellowfin

    "Response from Yellowfin on issues/bugs is fantastic. They reply timely and find the right people you can talk to. It is relatively easy to integrate Yellowfin into your own product."

    Trevor T.
    Computer Software

    Yellowfin BI is a very powerful and easy to use analytics engine.

    "The back-end set up of the data warehouse is powerful and flexible. Report generation is simple with plenty of user-friendly features. Yellowfin is an innovative and responsive organisation. It is a pleasure partnering with them."

    Verified User in Computer Software
    Verified User in Computer Software
    Verified User in Computer Software

    YellowFin has proven to be a very powerful BI tool with a lot of capabilities

    "It is very easy to set up reports and dashboards and permission access to these"

    Moncho R.
    Moncho R.
    Product Manager (BI and reporting) - Hospital & Health Care

    Highly customisable, simple but powerful BI tool

    "It is a powerful BI tool with a very low access barriers, that can be customised to satisfy your business needs."

    Steve V.
    Facilities Services

    Excellent BI product especially for embedded use

    "Excellent functionality and a very flexible product with a wide ranging style of reports. It was very easy and quick to get started. We've embedded Yellowfin into our software application and our users love the clean, modern style of its appearance. There's an interesting collaboration element to it we've not seen in other BI products. The commercial terms for embedded use were by and..."

    Verified User in Hospital & Health Care
    Verified User in Hospital & Health Care
    Verified User in Hospital & Health Care

    Yellowfin--Where Developer Friendly BI and Business User Ease Meet

    "I love how Yellowfin is easily adoptable for both business users (grad and drop reporting) and developers (javascript charts in 7.3+). Yellowfin has grown to a level where customization or white-labeling is not an issue, and the experience just keeps getting better with the newer versions. Having the ability to create any, and I mean any, type of visualization is key."