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Yodiz is online Agile Project Management tool, consisting of Product Backlog Management, Kanban Scrum Board, Issue Tracking Software and Team Discussions.

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Yodiz Features

Wiki Documentation

Provides a wiki to keep useful product documentation.

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Community Forum

Provides a place for product users to interact and ask questions.

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Customer Ideation

Provides a medium for users to make suggestions for the product.

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Work Capacity

Measures the amount of work an employee can handle in a sprint.

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Task Ranking

Ranks the priority of a task.

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Kanban Board

provides a Kanban board to visualize tasks.

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Custom Workflows

Enables the creation of custom workflows to facilitate various processes.

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Release Forecasting

Predicts a products release based on the workflow.

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Workflow Management
Time Tracking

Tracks the amount of time spent on a task.

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Progress Monitoring

Measures the progress of tasks within a product workflow.

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Measures the cost of tasks and enables the allocation of budget to different projects.

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Team Scorecard

Provides data on employee performance for gamification.

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