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YouMail is the fast, fun way to handle missed calls.

YouMail Mobile Apps

iOS YouMail App


YouMail Visual Voicemail


Join over 5 million registered users of YouMail!

YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus replaces your iPhone visual voicemail with a dramatically better voicemail service that's basically a smart personalized assistant for handling the calls you can't or don't want to.

YouMail customizes greetings for your callers, blocks unwanted callers from leaving voicemail, lets you store and save messages forever, lets you access messages on any device or through e-mail, and can even transcribe messages for you (a premium add-on).

YouMail is way more powerful and more fun than your iPhone visual voicemail – and free! Due to carrier restrictions, YouMail is only officially supported on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint and is not available to users on prepaid plans.


- Scroll and play on any device: iPhone, iPod, iPad, computer, or e-mail account. It's your voicemail -- access it from anywhere.

- Visual Caller ID: see caller photos, name, and city and state, even when they're not in your address book!

- Customize your greetings. Smart greetings WOW callers and have YouMail automatically greet them by name. Or you can easily create custom greetings for different callers. Set up one for your boss, a different one for your love, and another for those ex's!

- Caller Ditching: unwanted callers hear an "out of service" greeting and block callers from leaving voicemails. Block and keep telemarketers, phishers, scammers, spam, debt collectors, robo-calls, and ex's from bothering you.

- Total Ownership: easily save important messages forever, neatly organized in folders. Download voicemail as a mp3 or archive them by email with the mp3 attached.

- Effortlessly Share Voicemails: Tweet a voicemail with one tap or easily forward any voicemail by e-mail. Useful for sharing the voicemails you love or sending important voicemails to your colleagues.

- Numberless Messaging: Leave voicemail to other YouMail users without calling them! Save on minutes and avoid unwanted conversations. You can also quickly leave voice notes to yourself which can then be downloaded, shared, or saved!

- Auto-Replies: Own a business or have people that call too many times for unimportant things? Automatically send them a call receipt via text or email letting them know you received their voicemail or missed call. You can even customize the message they get and choose who gets it and how often.

- Human-edited Voicemail Transcription: read your voice mail without ever having to listen to it (this is a premium add-on). Real humans privately and accurately transcribe your voicemail to text quickly. No more low-quality machine guesses on what words are! Actually save time and be more productive!


YouMail requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Transcription requires a small monthly fee (free trial included).

Customer Support
Within the App, tap on Settings, and tap on Help, or e-mail us at IOShelp@youmail.com. Leaving negative reviews with vague comments will not help us fix the app. We listen to our users and fix all that we can with every new release. Help us help you!

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*Ratings and description from App Store

Android YouMail App


YouMail Visual Voicemail


YouMail turns your Android into your Personal Assistant – Nearly 5 Billion Calls Answered!

Over 6 Million users have saved precious time, provided better care to callers, and more efficiently managed their calls with YouMail Visual Voicemail Service. YouMail allows you to Read Voicemails, Route Calls, Block Unwanted Callers and much more!

Try YouMail’s Award Winning Service Today!

☆Laptop Editors’ Choice

☆Red Herring Winner

☆AO250 Global Winner

☆Stevie Awards - People’s Choice – Favorite New Products

YouMail Free Features:

►Check Voicemail on your Android phone, Tablet or desktop computer

►Smart Greeting: Voicemail greeting will address callers by name followed by your name

►Call Blocking: Block Calls from unwanted callers

►Basic Caller ID: See numbers that called or left messages

►Share, Forward, and Reply Voicemail (Email, Facebook, Twitter)

YouMail Premium - Includes all Free features plus:

►Voice to Text: Read Your Voicemails - YouMail transcribes your voicemails with automated Voice-to-Text

►Visual Caller ID: Upload contact pics or synch with Facebook to see who’s calling

►Dedicated Voicemail Number: Voicemail number separate from your phone number

►Unmask Blocked Callers: See those pesky callers who block or mask their numbers

►Privacy Guard: Block Unknown and Blocked callers

YouMail Business - Includes all Free & Premium features plus:

►Smart Business Greeting: Voicemail addresses callers name and states your business

►Live-Connect: Call Routing menu presented to caller with extensions

►Auto-Reply: Auto-respond to missed calls via Text message

►Auto-Forward: Auto-forward messages to other recipients

►Support: Premium support via email and phone

►Add-on Available: Human-edited Voice-to-Text: Transcribed messages are edited by real assistants to deliver a consistently high quality, even with accents and background noise

More About YouMail

YouMail is a simple to use communication platform that works with your existing cell phone number or landline number, to enable you to better manage your calls.
YouMail has answered nearly 5 billion calls and saved users over 7 million minutes of time they would have spent listening to their voicemail messages.
Voicemail Transcription, Auto-Reply, Call Routing, Call Blocking & Forward Voicemail features will help you manage calls and voicemails smarter. Upgrade your Android’s voicemail to YouMail’s rich visual voicemail features designed to free up your time, so you can focus on the more import things in life.

➠YouMail is not compatible with prepaid plans.
YouMail is compatible with most all-major US carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless.

Details on Privacy & Communication Features:

Smart Business Greeting*
: Voicemail Greeting addresses caller by name, your name and, your business name

Automated Voice To Text
will transcribe all your voicemail, allow you to read voicemail and send a copy to your email.

- Store 100-10,000 messages. Inbox size is dependent upon which version of YouMail you are subscribed to.

Call Routing - Live-Connect
gives you the ability to give callers extensions when you are unable answer their call. It's like a simple auto-attendant.

- Automatically respond to callers if you can’t answer the phone. YouMail will send your caller a text, letting the know you received their message and that you will get back to them as soon as you can.

Caller ID
lets you know who is calling. Upgrade to Premium or Business to get more caller info with Visual Caller ID.

Call Block
will block telemarketers and blacklist numbers you no longer want to hear from and play a disconnect tone to callers before they are hung up on.

Privacy Guard
stops UNKNOWN or BLOCKED numbers from leaving you a voicemail, until they reveal their phone number to you.

*Ratings and description from Google Play Store

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