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Zoho ShowTime is an online presentation delivery tool that lets you interact and engage with your audience in real-time. It is a cloud based application. This means you can access all your presentations from anywhere at anytime.

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What is Zoho ShowTime?

Zoho ShowTime is a browser based web-conferencing and online training tool. You can connect to your audience remotely and have real-time interaction within a virtual classroom. Intuitive UI and an easy-to-use application.

Zoho ShowTime is a web conferencing and online training tool for delivering engaging sessions to remote learners. You can manage your entire team of trainers and automate all your administrative tasks. You personalize session settings, have multiple presenters, conduct interactive sessions, view session analytics and track team performance. It's a cloud-based application, so your training can be presented and accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Bring your entire team of trainers within one organizational portal and manage your resources using ShowTime's admin console.
Customize the registration form and authorize who can join the session.
Create a buzz by promoting your session across digital media and invite more participation.
Track promotion effectiveness to know which source brings maximum registrants.
Add multiple trainers to a session, who can act as presenters and moderators.
Simulate a real-time environment by broadcasting your audio and video.
Make learning more intuitive by sharing your screen for a live product demo.
Empower your audience through engagement features like live Q&A, open-mic, in-app chat, evaluation, polls and survey.
Record your training, share the video and enable on-demand learning.
Gather actionable insights from the comprehensive engagement analytics on attrition, audience behaviour and session feedback.
Motivate your trainers to push their limits by tracking their performance.
Forget downloading and installing plug-ins. All you need is your browser to get started.

Zoho ShowTime Details Provided by: Rindo V.

Zoho ShowTime Details Provided by: Rindo Vincent

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