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Reward for good Zoom reviews

Zoom Meeting Capabilities

Zoom is used all over the world for making video calls and organizing regular business meetings. Reviewers of Zoom had a lot to say about their experience with hosting or attending digital meetings with the software. Check out what users said below.


Zoom review by Loreli S.
Great Experiences with Zoom
By Loreli S. on Jun 29, 2016
Learning Designer

The quality of video is very clear, the ease of sending (and attending) meeting invites, the ability to dial in via phone or computer audio, ability to share screens, and the ability to automatically record the session. Read more >

Zoom review by Zach C.
Making Virtual Meetings Personal
By Zach C. on Sep 08, 2016
Director of Experience

Easy of use. I can schedule a meeting and invite participants quickly. I set up a lot of meetings and the fact that I can do this quickly is extremely helpful. Read more >

Zoom review by Rob B.
By Rob B. on Mar 01, 2016
Head of IT at Amadeus Capital Partners

Zoom's dual screen support is excellent - makes our meeting room setup with a TV and projector very slick. The video and audio quality is second to none and the screen sharing and other features just keep improving. The iOS device sharing is also very cool. Read more >

Zoom review by Sarah S.
I like Zoom.
By Sarah S. on Jul 13, 2016
Operations Associate at MathElf

Zoom makes it easy for the people in my company all over the world to meet together. I love being able to easily participate in meetings. I also love that I can open a Zoom meeting just by clicking on the link, so I don't have to go find the app and open it every time. Zoom also makes it easy to switch between different microphones or cameras when I'm using my laptop and a docking station. Read more >

Zoom review by Keisha S.
Monthly Zoom subscriber
By Keisha S. on Jan 02, 2016
Luxury Brand Ambassadrice | Mentor | CEO of Pink Label | Founder of Reclaim Your Throne™

That I don't have to keep re-generating new links for recurring meetings. Each of my clients has their own private link that we use solely for their meetings, that way they can add it to their calendar and never need to ask me what's the link. We also have links for our internal team meetings, and I have a link that is solely designated for potential client interviews. Another thing I like is that you can easily record videos and it automatically extracts the audio as a separate file. Read more >


Zoom review by Philip J V.
Great for videoconferences and meetings
By Philip J V. on Sep 11, 2016
Office Administrator at Community Theatre League

When you get too many people in the meeting, it can be hard to see and hear who is talking at which times. Read more >

Zoom review by Anonymous
On >3 zoom conferences per day both on laptop and zoom rooms
By Executive Sponsor in Biotechnology on Jan 19, 2017

We switched from Join.me to Zoom for the whole company. Join.me was dead simple, and always worked, but lacked many useful (and necessary) features, so we looked around and made the switch to Zoom. It's been rough around the edges. Google calendar integration is weak. Too many meetings are interrupted by feedback loops: people join from their laptop over audio while in a zoom room; people dial in by phone AND on their laptop Non-employee participants need a download (not always... Read more >

Zoom review by Anonymous
Zoom for Business
By User in Information Technology and Services on Jan 24, 2017

Sometimes, zoom crashes and zoom rooms are not big enough to house all of the attendees. This can sometimes mean missing a meeting for people because they can't get logged in. Also zoom does tend to freeze if the connection isn't perfectly strong. Read more >

Zoom review by Steven G.
Probably the best option for video conferencing
By Steven G. on Nov 11, 2016
Support Specialist, Trello

I don't like that users NEED to have the app installed to join a meeting. I wish there was a web component instead of needing to install the software. Read more >

Zoom review by Mark M.
Great Product - Excellent Customer Service
By Mark M. on Jan 19, 2017
Actor, Multimedia Specialist, Producer, Musician, Educator

I think the interface could be improved. More easy options for screen customizing in a meeting with many people and screen sharing. I will say that they are very responsive to feedback and feature requests so many of the things I asked for, they have integrated. Read more >